Comic: The Violet Diaries Part 2 (Original by skeletonguys-and-ragdolls)


Hey there, Dominic faux here!

Today we’re revisiting the comic The Violet Diaries by skeletonguys-and-ragdolls. Last time on this comic, Judy was pregnant! If you haven’t read that one, check it out right over here!

Keeping the trend of adorable, this comic is based off the 3rd chapter of the fanfic The Violet Diaries by HelTheHatter. Well, without spoiling a lot of the comic, read on to see a cute little story about baking a cake.

Feel free to check the comic out over on Tumblr, or just after the break!

Dominic Faux, signing off!


  1. Did they only adapt the fluffy stuff? Because the story in question does get kinda dark and depressing in places. I'd love to see Nick giving the Hopps family what-for over the phone in comic form though.

  2. I had forgotten (until this re-read of this comic) how tragically ironic Judy's line about how her dad feels about her being in the big dangerous city, raising a baby with a fox, was, considering the events of, uh, chapter 4 (I think) and definitely chapter 6. Especially chapter 6.

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