Story: Ouroboros: the Endless Cycle


[Rating T13][Adventure][Romance][Fantasy][Action]

We’ve seen plenty of historical AUs take shape in this fandom, and for good reason — it’s super interesting to see what will happen when Zootopia’s world and characters are plopped into a different location and time period from the past. “Ouroboros” has a markedly fresh spin on that, boasting an Aztec-style setting of all things with some fantasy elements thrown in for good measure. The result is truly awesome, and is sure to engross readers with its meticulous world-building, convincing lore, and at the center of it all, a notable relationship between a rabbit warrior and a fox alchemist (which is unheard of in this society). You’ll have a hard time putting this one down. ~DrummerMax64


Description :
Judy is the first rabbit to become a member of the City Guard, the law enforcement group that keeps the magical city-state of Zootopia running smoothly. Her first real assignment should be simple: serving as a courier. She quickly finds, however, that she’s been assigned to escort a mysterious fox alchemist and that not everything may be as it seems.

Ouroboros: the Endless Cycle
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  1. You can expect anything from WANMWAD to be decent just because of the historically thorough background he pours into each. I’m generally not huge on AU’s, but this one is worth a read.

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