Story: Major Crimes: Triad

Art by donenayasart

[Rating M16][Mystery][Humor][Sequel][Incomplete]

The follow-up to Lothar Hex’s previously featured “Zootopian Vice” (haven’t checked it out yet? What are you waiting for?) finds Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps six months after the events of the story’s predecessor, embarking on a new career path within the ZPD’s major crimes division. And with greater crimes comes greater — and deadlier — responsibilities. Assuming an appropriately darker tone and with a focus on character depth that necessarily follows from “Zootopian Vice,” “Major Crimes: Triad” appears on its way to become an engaging thriller in the Zootopia fanfiction canon. Rated M for adult themes. ~YFWE

Author: Lothar Hex

Description :
Set six months after Zootopian Vice, Nick and Judy are now part of the ZPD’s Major Crimes Unit, which investigates the most serious of crimes. When some new players arrive from Hong Kong intent on establishing themselves, they upset the delicate balance of organized crime in the city. Our heroes are determined to stop them… and Mr. Big. After all, you don’t get to be the boss of the biggest crime family in the city by being nice.

Major Crimes: Triad
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