Story: The Incredimammals

Art by MurLik

[Rating T13][Humor][Romance][Action][Crossover]

In this world there a few combinations that transcend the things they combine into something magnificent.

Chocolate and Peanut Butter …
Coffee and Creamer …
Wilde and Hopps …
Zootopia and the Incredibles.

Pull Together’s story is filled with charm, and overflowing with potential, bringing together two beloved franchises in a glorious combination.

Nick and Judy find themselves caught up in a event that suddenly grants them and a number of characters new and familiar superpowers. Characters from both the Incredibles and Zootopia make an appearance in a very organic fashion, and it’s left me eager to see how the cast of characters develops!

How will Nick and Judy deal with their newfound powers? How will the world at large react?

I’m excited to find out! ~Bummer

Author: PullTogether

Description :
After a mysterious incident at The Zootopia Museum of Art, Nick and Judy find themselves with strange new abilities. Things get crazy as they try to keep their super identities secret while hunting down criminals with special powers of their own, including a new villain with a sinister plan that threatens the city and everyone in it. Humor plus low key WildeHopps.

The Incredimammals
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