Story: Jack of All Trades

Art by RadicalRobo

[Rating T13][Adventure][Friendship][One-shot]

Because of the original concepts for the film, Jack Savage was made out to be your all-around spy – suave, strapping, collected, a bona fide badass, but what if he wasn’t that kind of character? Or better yet, suppose he could be interpreted in a myriad of different ways, making him a mammal of many faces and backgrounds. Judging by how much he’s utilized in Zootopia fanfiction, there’s a slew of interpretations out there for who he is, so IronicSnap went ahead and wrote a bunch of small, intriguing drabbles with the intent of exploring some different possibilities for the character. Depictions familiar and original abound here, so if you want to regale yourself with a sampling of the striped rabbit’s various exploits and experiences, I recommend giving “Jack of All Trades” a shot! ~DrummerMax64

Author: IronicSnap

Description :
The mammal, the myth, the cut concept character. It can be hard to include a superspy bunny when prejudice against rabbits is such a fundamental part of the finished film. Worry not: these vignettes offer possible alternatives in depicting the gun-bun (and his partner, who is Scottish) for the discerning Savage enthusiast.

Jack of All Trades
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  1. Hmm. Nice concepts here, but I have to admit the reading experience was a little rocky. Having them all be so short and mashed into one chapter made them feel underdeveloped and incoherent. I don’t mean that to say that this is a bad story – or collection of stories. Far from it; some of these were quite interesting and had great potential. Unfortunately, the whole could have been a lot better executed.

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