Comic: Beyond the Veil (by Knoton13)

This one got me crying a little bit, its such a cute story; it’s hard to not feel the sniffles here or there while reading this. 

Beyond the Veil is a really emotional comic illustrated and written by Knoton13, putting both Nick and Judy in an astral plane. Knoton describes the story as “a tale wherein two heart-bound spirits pass on and meet in the astral plain they will create a star”. A great story for an amazing comic!

You can check out the full comic right after the break!


  1. OMG…!!!!!!
    This comic is soooooo good..!!!!!!!!
    I love their illusion body and it is drawn very well!!
    Especially on the first panel the full back body of Nick is awesome!!!

  2. (no way to edit these so I had to remove it) I really liked that it ended on a ambiguous note. It gives you the question of Did Nick and Judy die? There are a lot of reasons why and why not, it could perceive that all is well and Nick survived all that they both died and went to Heaven (as they perceive it) as hinted by the star. Makes you think doesn't it?

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