Comic: Nick & Judy – Lovers or Not? (Original by Nattsumi)

Today from the Translation Team: Nick and Judy being the cute pair they are.

Nick & Judy – Lovers or Not? was created by Nattsumi – you can find the original here! Also be sure to check out their other comics we’ve featured, from here.

Thanks to Ryo for translating and KeyToTruth12 for translating! Get your comic after the break!



  1. Well-drawn, but honestly very predictable. I could really go for a comic, WildeHopps or no, that wasn't so darn predictable.
    On the other hand, at least they raise serious concerns about a relationship and take those concerns seriously, rather than just raising them to knock them over because romance. That's something, I guess.

    • Well, what can you expect? a lot of avenues about Wildehopps has been explored in some way or another and most people find that predictable anyway, i simply enjoy it for what it is more than expect what happens

      but you are right that it does address the issue here, and i think that is honestly a good part of the comic, a love like theirs..if it ever happens i don't think will ever be that simple

    • I don't know. I've come across enough of them that I'm barely willing to look at WildeHopps anymore. So many plot clichés it's actually kind of remarkable, and half of the time the characters aren't even themselves. I think in the last one I read, she went from, "I don't know if I even want to date anyone" to "OMG I have to marry Nick right now" in literally two minutes tops.
      At least this one is refreshingly honest and on point. Nick is a little syrupy toward the end (honestly, I think the real Judy would tell him – if only jokingly – to get over himself), but that's the only major flaw.

    • Would She tell him to get over himself? no one would know what the real Judy would say to be perfectly frank, but you do have a point.

      but this is mostly an impasse thing, someone whom does not ship wildehopps would not really find all that much appeal in these types of works and call it as it is, and same would go mostly for the shippers and content that does not ship them, some of it just comes off as baseless to a shipper too.

      This will go on for a long time till things get settled truly in canon then well who knows what will happen, i will agree that some of the art and stories are pretty baseless too as a shipper,

      perhaps you will find that story or comic that you can definitely see the appeal in the ship, or maybe you never will and same will probably go for me.

    • Well, when I said playfully I was thinking of something like Lady and the Tramp 2 where Angel told Scamp to get over himself. Not the best example for my case since they were head-over-heels and everyone knew it, but it has the right lack of spite.

      Concerning a story or comic that shows me the appeal, I know of one which is currently on hiatus. AS it is I understand why people ship them; I just disagree with a massive chunk of it. Since you mention your view of it as a WildeHopps shipper, if you want a different angle you are welcome to take a look at my stories – most notably Something Stinks – which show them in a different light. Up to you.

    • the same thing that you found cringeworthy in wildehopps works is how i mostly found distate in fiction that pairs Nick and or Judy off with oc i have found equally cringeworthy to the point where i barely even look at fics that have the freindship tag in ffnet

      so i would rather just see fics that only focus on their friendship and not pair them off with some oc that may or may not have the same tropes applied to them as wildehopps does.

      unfortunately those are a dying breed >.>

      but i will say this, if your work is considered good, i hope it stays that way for people to enjoy it that like that sort of content..cause for the most part i 'd rather stick with the devils i know then the ones i don't, and just search for non romance freindship fics involving Nick and Judy..if i can ever find them.

    • True. Part of the trouble is that a lot of writers aren't very skilled at developing OCs, and a lot of WildeOC and HoppsOC writers do self-insertion, which lends itself to a host of hang-ups. Not so surprising, when a staggering number of fans have admitted crushes on one character or the other. After all, fan fiction boils down to a kind of wish fulfillment anyway in nine cases out of ten.

      As for whether my stories are good, you'd have to judge that for yourself – which it sounds like you won't, which I suppose is as much your loss as mine. People have said they're good, and particularly my OCs, so I have confidence that they should stand out from the inexperienced works of which you spoke.

      As for non-romantic fics, there are a fair number out there. the Sherlock Holmes variants by WANMWAD are excellent, and I'm quite pleased with "What Happened at N.I.T.E." by Pandora(paperclipbutterfly) as well, both of which I am currently reading.

    • And not to criticize, but I suppose it must be said that it seems rather contradictory for you to suggest that I might change my mind over others' fanfiction while not looking at one from the "other side" yourself. Not saying I can't understand where you're coming from; just saying.

    • To be fair to the artist behind this comic, it was originally published to Pixiv a few months after the movie was released, before these sorts of things became tropes and cliches. We only recently got permission to translate it into English.

    • Well, I was actually commenting that it avoided certain of the more irritating clichés, but your point is well-taken.

      Too bad the whole ship couldn't have stayed more like this comic. I might actually be on board.

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