Comic: Inter Schminter, Parts 6-7 (by Spintherella)

So, like, Inter Schminter, right? Remember when we were posting updates to this massive undertaking from Spintherella? That was, what, last August?

Whew. Time flies. Let’s start getting caught back up, yeah? Below, we’ve got you links to parts 6 and 7 of Inter Schminter, as well as links to our posts covering the first five parts.

When last we left our heroes, Nick and Judy were about to hit the dance floor — period costumes and all, with Nick exceedingly unsure of his choice of getup. Now we’ve got Jill and Max brooding at each other and in other folks’ general directions, some slow dancin’, country folk getting all worked up about interspecies relationships… good ol’ fun!

If you haven’t checked it out already, check out the links to parts 6 and 7 below, followed by links to our previous posts on ZNN. And please give Spintherella a follow on Deviantart! That’d be right swell of ya.

Inter Schminter – Part 6
Inter Schminter – Part 7

ZNN Covers Inter Schminter, Part 1
Parts 2 and 3
Parts 4 and 5


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