Comic: Inter schminter (by Spintherella)

[Drama] [Romance][Slice of life]

There are a lot of great comics out there about the relationship between Judy and Nick. Inter schminter is taking a deeper look into their inter-species relationship and what they have to deal with just because it isn’t “normal”. Spintherella takes us on a great journey about leaving prejudice behind and not being afraid of what others think. The story takes Judy and Nick back to Bunnyburrow so family drama is also ensured. As you can imagine, not everyone is fond of the Idea of a fox and a rabbit being together.

The comic is written by Spintherella has over 50 Pages and is still being going on. I was there when the last batch of strips was uploaded and I can tell you how the ears of the other staff members perked up when I told them, that there is new content. Inter schminter is a comic many people can enjoy and I really recommend reading it.

You can find all comic pages here or after the break! Also, thanks to DaBernd, part of the comic is available as an comic animation! You can find it here.


  1. Just a FYI, the next installment might take a while Spin is starting university next week, and that's going to take up a lot of her time for a bit. She's indicated that she does want to finish IS, but no word on how long it will take.

    • True, but at least she decided to finish this comic before doing anymore work on the other one she has going now. And considering the quality of her work, she's very fast.

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