Comic: Clawhauser: Origins (by BorisBearr)

Source If Judy’s time at the Zootopia Police Academy made anything clear, it’s that while anybody can be anything in Zootopia, that doesn’t necessarily mean everybody has the chops for it. From climbing ice walls to braving dust storms and […]


Comic: Morning Broth (By ahappypichu)

Get your tissues ready, because ahappypichu’s comic Morning Broth may very well tug at your heartstrings like a guitar, with a perfectly bittersweet execution from start to finish.


Comic: Zootopia Meets FNAF (By derek121)

Source Ever wonder what it would happen if the wholesome world of Zootopia collided with Five Nights at Freddy’s? In this comic by derek121, We can get a sense of what exactly our law-abiding heroes think of Foxy himself. What […]


Comic: Whammy (by Aureldrawsstuff)

Source Ah, the bullpen. Quite the chaotic scene when you have Zootopia’s finest getting rowdy as they await their assignments for the day. At least until their chief finally takes the podium. Of course, just because Bogo has the room, […]


Comic: Robohopps (By Nauyaco)

Source Otto Von Bismarck once said, “Never believe anything in politics until it has officially been denied.” People often cite politics as a vile and unsavory practice, but of course, there are those who always try to do the best […]