Story: The Door

Art by ShadowBunnyDragon

[Rating T13][Adventure][Family][Drama][Fluff][Complete]

What happens when the beaten and broken from our world finds their way into Zootopia? This is exactly what is dived into in ‘The Door’, where the stories of these broken and down on their luck will be sure to pull at your heart. The way the author paints each character as they grow and are accepted for once in their life easily brings a smile to your face. ~Gorgancm

Author: Elite Shade

Description :
An unfortunate human teen used to a life of abuse and abandonment suddenly finds his way to Zootopia! Will he find a place for himself in this new world? And how will the residents of Zootopia react to the strange new mammal called a human?

The Door
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Additional Tags: A second chance awaits through the door for those that deserve it.


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