Art of the Day #147: Overwatch Special!

Zooverwatch by 杯具螺旋丸 Normally with Art of the Day posts we try to include a variety of artists.  However, today’s a little different due to our posting tool undergoing maintenance.  While searching the internet, we discovered a FANTASTIC series of Overwatch crossover […]


Story: Waking Death

Art by gistech [Rating T13][Suspense][Crime][Sequel][Incomplete] The follow-up to gistech’s “Grief’s Reunion” is every bit as engrossing as its predecessor, with an added flair for thawing and slow-building romance, mysterious plotlines and a deeper exploration of its many characters than ever […]


Story: Who Writes This?!

Art by Alps Sarsis [Rating T13][Humor][Hurt/Comfort][Drama][Friendship][Fluff][Complete] It doesn’t get any more meta than this: a Zootopia fanfiction about reading Zootopia fanfiction. No joke, that’s literally what this story is about. However, as silly of a premise as that sounds, Alps […]


Story: Lost

Art by badneko [Rating K9][Drama][Hurt][Trauma][One-Shot] The moments after young Nick Wilde’s traumatic Junior Ranger Scouts experience are explored with an introspective, gently written one-shot that provides a satisfying link to one of the film universe’s minor characters, with a glimmer […]

Fanfic Updates

Story Updates 5 December 2017

Is it just me, or are fics that haven’t been updated in a long time starting to come back in full force? That’s case with kaligos’s crime-thriller “Families” and the veritable fluff-fest that is RedPen’s “Fluff Pieces.” Might just be […]


Even More Zootopia Ornaments!

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, would you please put a penny in the meter maid’s hat… That’s right, there are other Zootopia Christmas ornaments like the ones from Lenox we showed you last week!  Brought to us […]


Story: Zootopia and Earth: Gotterdammerung

Art by Saber-Cow [Rating T13][Adventure][Romance][Sci-Fi] Wew, this one is different. Most human-in-Zootopia stories have the humans transform through scientific or magical means, but this fic delves into the sociopolitical ramifications of an actual alternate universe. When the Chinese government discovers […]


Art of the Day #145- Disney Afternoon Special!

Best Furry Movie by grrrwolf Source [1] Disney.  A studio that’s not only survived for 94 years, but thrived.  They’re a global powerhouse in media entertainment.  Sure, they’ve had their dips and breaks, and their future isn’t always certain, but […]


Story: By The Seat Of Her Pants

Art by Mancoin [Rating T13][Humor][Action][Friendship][One-shot] This… is a quirky one. Let’s just cut to the chase: due to some less than fortunate circumstances, Judy is forced to catch a perp while in her panties. Yep, it’s a silly scenario, but […]