Zootopia is STILL one of the top ten movie fandoms on Tumblr!

Try Everything Chief by Jowybean

The annual Fandometrics report has released, where Tumblr makes big lists of the most active fandoms on the site based on various categories.  Well, despite the film being out for what’s getting close to two years now (can you believe it?), Zootopia still soars above the rest.  In fact, there has only ever been one week that we didn’t make it into the weekly top 20.

As a result of the fandoms unrivaled activity, Zootopia once again finds itself in the Top 10 Movie Fandoms across all of Tumblr, claiming the #7 spot!  The only other two films that appeared in the top 10 that were on also last year’s list are Beauty and the Beast (which hadn’t even released at the time of last year’s annual review) and Moana (which had been out for about a week at that time).

All in all, this is some metric proof of the Zootopia fandom’s dedication and longevity.  Your passion and loyalty are unrivaled among film fandoms, and I’m so glad to be a part of this.  Here’s to another successful year of Zootopia!


  1. Really, Moana is in #3? Zootopia hit $1 billion, received higher critical praise, AND earned a Golden Globe and Academy Award compared to Moana. How can Moana be higher than Zootopia?

    • Because of how Fandometrics tracks their stuff. Moana came out like 1 or 2 weeks before they did their list, so the whole wave of popularity from when it was in theaters counted towards this year's list.

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