Story: Who Writes This?!

Art by Alps Sarsis

[Rating T13][Humor][Hurt/Comfort][Drama][Friendship][Fluff][Complete]

It doesn’t get any more meta than this: a Zootopia fanfiction about reading Zootopia fanfiction. No joke, that’s literally what this story is about. However, as silly of a premise as that sounds, Alps Sarsis capably manages to turn it on its head, resulting in a stirring story that catches you off guard – in a good way, that is. Surprisingly emotive and deftly told, “Who Writes This?!” is an excellent, thought-provoking read that doesn’t skimp on the emotion, and gives Nick and Judy another thorny issue to take care of in their ever-growing friendship. Check it out and see what causes Judy to get so flustered. ~DrummerMax64

Author: Alps Sarsis

Description :
When Judy finds herself irritated about being placed on low-risk assignments due to some media attention and increased celebrity at the close of a big case, Nick decides to tease her about her unwanted fame, pointing out that there’s probably even a fan club online, or even fan fiction. Eager to prove her smug partner wrong, Judy looks online and finds that he’s actually right, at least about the stories.

Nick desperately pleads with Judy to leave it alone and not to read any of those stories. The bunny is offended that her partner feels she lacks the emotional maturity to objectively read a story about herself and decides to read them anyway. What could go wrong?

Who Writes This?!
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