Story: Waking Death

Art by gistech

[Rating T13][Suspense][Crime][Sequel][Incomplete]

The follow-up to gistech’s “Grief’s Reunion” is every bit as engrossing as its predecessor, with an added flair for thawing and slow-building romance, mysterious plotlines and a deeper exploration of its many characters than ever before. Told from multiple POVs and in a riveting blend of internal monologues and third-person narration chapter by chapter, “Waking Death” thrillingly pushes forward what has become a must-read series in the world of Zootopia fanfiction. ~YFWE

Author: gistech

Description :
Doug Ramses and Dawn Bellwether escape from Mountainside. Nick and Judy are put on the case to uncover the origins of a mysterious new drug called Waking Death while working on mending their relationship. Meanwhile, a new adversary plots to bring down Zootopia. Set one year after the events of Grief’s Reunion and 19 years after the film. Part 2 of the “Reconciliation” series.

Waking Death
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