Art of the Day #147: Overwatch Special!

Zooverwatch by 杯具螺旋丸
Normally with Art of the Day posts we try to include a variety of artists.  However, today’s a little different due to our posting tool undergoing maintenance.  While searching the internet, we discovered a FANTASTIC series of Overwatch crossover art from an incredibly talented artist named 杯具螺旋丸, which google translates as “Spiral Cup” or “Cup with Spiral Pills”.  
I have to say, some of these castings just work WAY too well, like Weaselton as Junkrat or Bellwether as Reaper.  Judy as Officer D.VA is a given, considering there were some people who thought the Officer D.VA skin was a reference to zootopia.
So, for today, rather than having each individual image having a caption with a source link, since they all have the same artist and source, you can find them over on Pixiv by following this link!
Check out their work after the break, and let us know what your favorite is down in the comments!

Genji Nick

Hanzo Finnick

Hanzo Finnick and Genji Nick

Officer D.VA Judy and Genji Nick

D.VA Judy

Officer D.VA Judy

Country D.VA Judy
Flash as Tracer

Bogo as Reinhardt
Bellwether as Reaper

Clawhauser as Torbjorn

Gazelle as Mercy

Lionheart as Soldier: 76

Lionheart as Origins Soldier: 76

Lazy Lionheart as Soldier: 76
Lionheart and Wolford as Summer 76 and Summer McCree

Summer Games 76 and Reaper (Lionheart and Bellwether)

Wolford as McCree

Wolford and Bellwether as Origins McCree and Reaper
Doug as Widowmaker

Woolter (?) as Sombra
Jesse (?) as Moira

Baymax as Doomfist
(even though he’s not from Zootopia, I will allow this)

Koslov as Bastion

Koslov as Bastion 2

Nangi as Orisa

Yax as Zenyatta

Jaguar (?) as Symmetra

Lion Dancer as Zarya

Panda Reporter as Mei

Weaselton as Junkrat

Frantic Pic as Roadhog