Story: Zootopia and Earth: Gotterdammerung

Art by Saber-Cow

[Rating T13][Adventure][Romance][Sci-Fi]

Wew, this one is different. Most human-in-Zootopia stories have the humans transform through scientific or magical means, but this fic delves into the sociopolitical ramifications of an actual alternate universe. When the Chinese government discovers a massive energy reserve in their country is actually a portal to another world, a battle for power ensues, and a select few flee from the chaos into the portal itself. How would Zootopians react to actual humans, and vice versa? This is a dense one, and not your typical Zootopia story. ~Mordecai

Author: Pudong

Description :
In this story set 2 years after the movie, a bureau of the Zootopian Government finds themselves in contact with an unworldly entity known as the “humans”. Wicked intentions among those in power rise with their arrival, but will the truth be too much for them to bear? Nick and Judy are soon caught up in the chaos, but will they be able to save the city they love with new friends?

Zootopia and Earth: Gotterdammerung

Additional Tags: Geopolitical speeches from the Chinese government in a zootopia fanficiton. What a world.