Story: By The Seat Of Her Pants

Art by Mancoin

[Rating T13][Humor][Action][Friendship][One-shot]

This… is a quirky one. Let’s just cut to the chase: due to some less than fortunate circumstances, Judy is forced to catch a perp while in her panties. Yep, it’s a silly scenario, but Cloperella succeeds in making it a wildly entertaining one. Fair warning: this one-shot does contain some suggestive content, including several descriptions pertaining to one of Judy’s, ahem, assets. Regardless, “By The Seat Of Her Pants” is a diverting, frenzied piece of action and comedy that revels in its ridiculousness and provides a jaw-dropping foot chase to boot – in more ways than one. ~DrummerMax64

Author: Cloperella

Description :
While Judy Hopps enjoys her day off shopping for clothes alongside her best friend Nick Wilde, she encounters a petty shoplifter trying to leave with an unpaid item. Even on her day off, no crime is too small for Officer Hopps, and she gives chase to the thief all the way to the outer rim of the Rainforest. The uncultivated thicket of trees and bramble take a toll on her outfit, and after a daring leap through the air, the rabbit finds herself snagged by her pants on a tree branch. She’s not letting a lawbreaker get away though — even if it means she has to chase him all the way to Savanna Central in her underwear.

By The Seat Of Her Pants
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Additional Tags: Run, Judy, run! Indecent exposure be damned!