I Will Survive, by Borba [FULL COMIC]

Are you ready for fantastic art?
Are you ready for a comic from this guy?
Are you ready for the most controversial comic the fandom has ever seen?
YEA-wait, what?
Then brace yourselves for the highly debated and much-discussed comic, I Will Survive!
I’ll be up-front about it, this comic is about the subjects of unwanted pregnancy, abortion, and the rights of the father and the mother regarding those topics.  It isn’t pleasant.  It isn’t sweet or funny.  And it does not have a happy ending.  If you don’t want to see any of those things in your Zootopia comics, turn back now. You can check here to find the best medical clinic in Ames, Iowa to know more about pregnancy and the importance of the mental, emotional, physical wellbeing of the mother.
That said, major props to Borba, not only for deciding to tackle such a hot-button topic, but for deciding to stick to it even after getting a lot of hate for it.  That’s artistic integrity for you.  You have a story to tell, and you see it through to the end.  I definitely look forward to whatever comes next for you, Borba!
You can find the comic over on Deviantart, or read the full thing in its entirety after the break!

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  1. This is… this is right up there with Judy is dead in terms of heart wrenching!

    Guess Borba seeks to take Meads crown as "King of Zootopian feels".

    • nick's completely out of character here, and judy is basically being punished for something she is completely in the right about. the art's good but thats basically it

    • Even though you are right about Judy being in the right, I'm willing to be she doesn't feel the same way by the time the last panel come around and the only other person to truly believe in her walks out. Ya she wont have to give birth to a possible abomination, ya she'll get to keep doing her job but at what cost? She's likely never going to see Nick again, she's going to have to explain why he's not around anymore to her parents and her coworkers and possible catch a lot of flak from them, then word will likely reach the public about it and I'm sure the press would just love to ruin Judy's reputation as city hero, it's just all down hill from here as I see it.

    • Because you have to talk smack about a fictional situation, about fictional characters, in a non-canon relationship. That and I believe she made a poor choice in saying her career was the most important reason for not wanting the child, she could have left it at being afraid of it being some sort of monster and maybe they could have worked it out but she didn't witch makes me think that Nick feels that he was nothing more then just a lay to her, that nothing he could ever give her would mean more to her the her career, and the their relationship was one sided! As a guy I can't say for any woman how scary it must feel to know there's another living being inside you, but if I loved someone as much as we all hope these to do, I would be willing to give up everything to stay with them.

    • Yes you can, just as I can inform you of the long term effects of a bad dissension, like choosing work of the only person that believed in you.

    • You are completely allowed to think that it is a bad comic, but if you do, don't just say "it is shit" talk about what you dislike about the comic and how it can improve, it makes for good conversation

    • i forgot to add: if your partner leaves you because he can't respect the basic "my body, my rules" rule then he's shit lol you're better off without him !

    • Actually Praxus, not having to bleed to death from giving birth to a baby that's too big for her IS worth losing an ahole BF who will judge her and call her a sinner for it. If the "cost" is having to say goodbye to someone who completely ignores your concerns and thinks you're a bad/selfish person for not wanting a kid and thinks he can dictate what you do with your own body, then that cost is acceptable.
      Anyway, can't we just go back to these two being just friends instead of turning it into a stupid romantic drama? Why do they even need to be romantically involved? Why can't two people of the opposite gender just be friends for once?

    • It's not "choosing a career over the only person that believed in you." She didn't leave nick, he left HER over the idea of a baby, and she chose her career over a dangerous pregnancy and BECOMING A MOTHER. The issue isn't that she loves work more than nick, it's that she loves work more than she wants to RAISE ANOTHER HUMAN LIFE.

    • Nick didn't leave her for this one incident. Nick wants to be a father and Judy made it clear that it wouldn't happen in this relationship

    • If poop could crap and crap could shit….this would be it. I'm not moved and the characters are forced into roles, saying things they wouldn't say. When you write with characters so fleshed out, going against the grain of their persona in such a drastic way makes it purely unconvincing.

    • Sen the man, did you even read the comic? Judy is a Rabbit Nick is a Fox pregnancy should be impossible, never in history has 2 animals in conpletely different species have breeded before. So why would they??

    • But they showed examples of different species (fox and wolf, moose and deer, pig n sheep) that clearly had babies???? the literal only difference is ones a prey animal and the others a predator animal if thats what you mean, n even then knowing different SPECIES were together shouldve been enough to be cautious

    • That was trash, and if you think someone that really loved and cared for you would force you to choose your work or them then you never fully cared about them. This cartoon is an abomination. Way to demonize what is typically a hard and much more involved process. Also there is nothing wrong with someone simply not wanting to have a damn child.

    • This really is shit though, thank you. I don't even know why it is a thing right now. It is all out of character and weird… but of course all the teens and kids in the fandom will freak at you for going against their new thing.

    • Guys, guys. You're fighting about a damn WEB COMIC non the less. Borba has an open page where you can ask him questions. Its a damn web comic. Probably meant as a joke

    • I do/don't respect the fact that she said my body my rules. Only because it's a selfish thought. But I can't say that I wouldn't say something like that if I was in that situation. In my opinion, it's pro life. I agree with nick. Give that child a chance at life. And if she doesn't love that child, I'm sure nick or someone else will. She will tear herself apart if she loses Nick. I guess what it boils down to is, what does she love more. Nick? Her Job? Herself? Or her child. The answer, is not for me to decide. So I will leave it at this for you guys to think. Just remember, no matter what someone chooses, you love them. You love them more than you love yourself. Trust me, if you show someone unconditional love, it will change their heart. Even if it takes years.

    • I don't think anything was being forced. Nothing at all, beside the fact that she slapped him. Yes, she has the right to not have the child, but be also has the right to leave. Sure, it might seem like a dick move, and to some It's a dick move for Judy to not have the child. All in all, it's fake, and no one in the comic is wrong except for the assault.

    • How the fuck is she in the right? She is killing their child! Abortion is a terrible thing to do unless you've been raped. End of story. If you don't want a child than take fucking precautions don't fucking kill a child because you made a "mistake" or a "bad choice". Pro choice people make me sick

    • Kenni Rayne… Are you serious? "Not having to bleed to death from giving birth to a baby that's too big for her IS worth losing an ahole BF who will judge her and call her a sinner for it. If the "cost" is having to say goodbye to someone who completely ignores your concerns and thinks you're a bad/selfish person for not wanting a kid and thinks he can dictate what you do with your own body, then that cost is acceptable." First of all, why the fuck would you say that Nick's an asshole for calling her a sinner. You say that Nick thinks that Judy is so selfish for not wanting the baby. She is willing to give up her baby for her job. She didn't want the baby because she THOUGHT it would be too big. Second, who the hell said that he is controlling what she can do with her body? I didn't see Nick force her to have the baby. I didn't see him physically abusing her. He gave her a choice, she could keep the baby and stay with Nick with a chance at losing her job or She could abort the baby, keep her job, but lose Nick that could be forever. She obviously picked wrong. Third of all, You think that Nick didn't care about her concerns. If he didn't care about her concerns, I'm pretty sure that Judy wouldn't have told him.Nick even asked why she didn't do it behind his back. You need to open your eyes and double check your answers. It's a basic that everyone learned in school.

    • Kenni Rayne… Are you serious? "Not having to bleed to death from giving birth to a baby that's too big for her IS worth losing an ahole BF who will judge her and call her a sinner for it. If the "cost" is having to say goodbye to someone who completely ignores your concerns and thinks you're a bad/selfish person for not wanting a kid and thinks he can dictate what you do with your own body, then that cost is acceptable." First of all, why the fuck would you say that Nick's an asshole for calling her a sinner. You say that Nick thinks that Judy is so selfish for not wanting the baby. She is willing to give up her baby for her job. She didn't want the baby because she THOUGHT it would be too big. Second, who the hell said that he is controlling what she can do with her body? I didn't see Nick force her to have the baby. I didn't see him physically abusing her. He gave her a choice, she could keep the baby and stay with Nick with a chance at losing her job or She could abort the baby, keep her job, but lose Nick that could be forever. She obviously picked wrong. Third of all, You think that Nick didn't care about her concerns. If he didn't care about her concerns, I'm pretty sure that Judy wouldn't have told him.Nick even asked why she didn't do it behind his back. You need to open your eyes and double check your answers. It's a basic that everyone learned in school.

    • But then look at it this way, you know sex will bring a child if percautions arent taken, so why do people risk it? I feel like they should at least take precautions instead of killing off a new life everytime you want to have unprotected sex. A life is just too precious for it to just be whisked away like its nothing. Like nick said in the web comic, people are born into this world for a reason. That aborted child could have changed so many lives, but because of abortion, didnt have that chance. Even if a woman was raped by someone and got pregnant, that child has nothing to do with what situation she went through. so why….why is it that the unborn child has to die because of something like that? A life is too precious to be thrown away like trash….

    • oh my god these comments are hilarious

      everyone just playing along with this meme as if it's a sound means of conveyance for the topic of abortion. i mean i guess if we're taking this seriously, i'll bite

      all judy did was say she didn't know if there would be pregnancy complications, expressed concern over having their child because it could possibly "be a freak", and then said she valued her job more than her child. she did not humor the idea of going to a professional, and attempting to see if it was even possible to carry the child to term before deciding on abortion

      all nick tried to do was save a life. maybe their relationship with the child would've lasted, maybe it still would've ended, maybe they could reconcile, maybe not. but the completely innocent third-party here, the child, would still have a chance at life regardless.

      you people are so gross and morally stunted. i hope your parents are ashamed of you lmao

    • For the person who said something about the other interspecies births. In real life, there are chances of interspecies births WITH IN THE SAME SPECIES GROUP. Ligers and Mules are examples.

      Lions and tigers (big cats) and Horses and Donkeys (equines)

      Foxes and Rabits (pred/prey as well as being two different base species Canine and Lupine), its not physically possible

    • you're right i don't think judy is the type of person to do that and not to spark conflict but i think that i'm taking nicks side even though the baby isn't born it's still a human being and it's like muder if judy was aborted then the whole zootopia land would still be in danger

    • Its one persons way of talking about a real issis. Thats all. If you agree then whatever, if you dont then whatever. Stop using the internet just to fight all thw Damn time. God I hate this world

    • Alright, I’ve had about enough of this. You implying that he(being Nick) is in the wrong for leaving her(being Judy) for wanting to abort their baby, is utterly the most ridiculous sentiment I’ve ever heard or read. Tell me, why should he stay with her? Sure, it’s her body, and that living organism growing inside of her is scary to her. And yes, it is her body. But what about his feelings? Are you people trying to say that a man that wants his baby shouldn’t have even any opinion or emotion about what happens to it, and should just accept it and support the mother? No, screw that. You people astonish me with how ridiculous you are. He is a man that has his heart broken because of her(which was HER CHOICE) which she still had every right to do(because, even though he is the father to that baby, he physically cannot make the call on what happens to it since he has no control over the situation other than mentally). He has every right to be upset with her and leave her for literally taking the one thing away from BOTH of them that would have changed both their lives, for better or for worse, without even talking about it with him. Her mind was already made up. This isn’t even about the comic anymore. This is a real life scenario that absolutely bugs the dog-piss out of me. Women always thinking that the man has no say on the matter and expect him to just accept it and support it. Well guess what, ladies: we don’t have to. And it doesn’t make us(being men) bad people, or any less of a man. It means that we are human beings that have the same emotions that you do, and when you do something like this to us, we are going to react in a way you won’t like. Being the outcome of this comic. Men aren’t punching bags for women, which is basically what is being said here. It was a 2-way street here, and they are both to blame, and both equally entitled to their actions. But to say that he is in the wrong for leaving her when she won’t even entertain the idea of letting the baby live, is stupid and utterly ridiculous. It’s not fair, for one, that she has all the power here and then expects him to stay and support her, when she is directly going against his wishes and destroying him, mentally and emotionally, knowing full well how much it hurt him. Don’t piss on Nick(or any man in real life) for dipping out of this scenario because their partner decided to do the unthinkable to him and take their growing child from them both. That’s all I have to say. God bless.

    • Even though this is a comic, doesn't mean that it doesn't happen often. He does not agree to murdering an unborn child. He had every right to walk out. She chooses her career over her family or giving the baby a chance to live. There are alot of people who have sucessful careers and have children.

    • Although its not finished, you probably could put there in the third position:

      That's how real love looks like"

      I think…

    • I regret seeing this comment. MY friend (who usually finds the weirdest stuff) sent me this. I thought "wtf" and clicked on this. Now that im scrolling down reading the comments, i see a comic titled "Judy is dead" being #1 on the sad chart or some s**t. Now i gotta check it out. I have truly reached the deep and dark pit of psycho fandom.

    • I have truly reached the Deep, Dark Pit of Psycho Fandom. My friend sent me a link to this comic, I decided ill check it out. I have fully regretted it. This comic has ruined such a great movie. You took the two main characters (who werent that bad) and just full on made them not so lovable. One wants an abortion and the other leaves just because. Now that I find out there's a comic that f**ks with it even more, I (regretfully) must check it out because I honestly cant see anything worse than this. Thank you sir.

  2. Wow! I'm impressed that ZNN featured this! Not that it doesn't deserve the feature, but this comic has had the tendency to make people quite vehement in their opinions. I'm glad that possibility seems to have been embraced by ZNN, to be honest.

    Did I like the comic? No. No I did not. I've previously given a thorough critique on it regarding where I think it needs improvement. That said, I want to repost something I posted in the discussion on DeviantArt:

    "I respect Borba for going through with this. It's why I stayed for the whole comic, despite feeling like it may have needed some extra work. (I didn't disagree with the concept, or even the sad result – that's totally up to the artist – but rather with how it was pulled off.) Just because I may not like the comic, it doesn't mean I can't respect the artist for it. I hope you can see that too.

    To others: I hope you can find it within you to give Borba some credit, too. This whole thing has been very heated. (Granted, that may have been expected given the particular focus of the comic.) WildeHopps shipper or not, pro-life or pro-choice, I hope you can agree that we're all here to enjoy the Zootopia material in our own way. It's what makes us fans. Borba has enjoyed it in his own way, and there are plenty out there who actually liked the comic. You or I may not be in that group, but it doesn't mean we should all ruin each-other's enjoyment by fighting about it."

  3. Good comic i must say and these seeing that takes a topic very difficult to approach with height of sights as is the theme of that Judy can have a baby and that she must sacrifice her work by have a baby that Nick wants that live and with these show that is possible to have a son in despite of being of different species, altough of course, the controversy of that Judy must choose between her son or her work isn't always pleasant and specially when you're first time father and all that you want is have a son that permit to enjoy of the joys that means to have a son and be a father for him, because the love that the parents give for your sons is a force difficult of break and that the pro-life and pro-choice positions tend to shock to the grade that become very extreme because i'm pro life, but i'm respect the difficult decision that Judy gives because she didn't want to have a baby in first place, but will must to burden the fact of have him and how she'll must work the double for that these son can to survive and know that he had a father that wasn't able to meet because Judy and Nick couldn't relax their postures and with these the two finished to take ways very different that is possible that never can get together again and maybe carry the weight that means to have a son that they didn't want to have and that maybe the son would finish carrying the stigma of being "born by accident"

    Good comic and congralutations to William Borba by take a complicated theme and that only the persons that they want to have son and have a family think twice before of make it, because is a decision that can be a blessing or a curse depending of how do you feel ready you are of take of a decision that you'll carry the weight of it the rest of your live and the people that they have parents means the diffcult that is having a son and specially when you need to find a equilibrum between your familiy and your jobs, thing that isn't easy of take a decision and these is that Judy and Nick showed in this comic that the pro-life and pro-choice postures shock and so much that is difficulty that the discussion can have a happy ending as showed in this comic

  4. Boy oh boy do I hate this story… love the work just hate the story keep it up borbas you may reach Meads level soon cuz this didn't even tear me up JID did so shoot for da stars

  5. This story could and should have been amazing. A well eritten break up with a difficult subject like abortion thrown in the mix (not necessarily this specifically) is something Inwould be interested in reading.

    This was not. After Page 15 and the slap/scratch it all gradually falls apart for me. I had appreciated it focusing on the emotional burden of the subject matter without bringing up the politics or religion, but Nick's "premidated sin" line undid that, and it was the one genuinely positive thing I'd had to say about the story up to that point.

    It was an angsty for the sake of it and poorly characterised. Judy is so fundamentally out of character that I wonder just what's happened between the film and this comic to make her become so utterly unempathetic. If this had focused on her health concerns and fear for the child's well being I might have bought into it, but her particular emphasis on her career over her ideals made her seem selfish, and it felt contrived to boot.

    There's a similar problem with Nick as well. Instead of focusing on his need to be the father he never got to have, he seems more focused on being judgemental towards Judy. And his dialogue at the end of page 19 is especially hammy, given how seriouly the story is taking itself throughout.

    Definitely should have been about two OC's and honestly? It needed to be longer because in real time this really was just 20 minutes to half an hour, like a soap opera episode on fast forward

    • This was my opinion as well, which is why I choose to give high respect to the author despite not liking the comic. Most authors wouldn't have even attempted such material! That said, I'm like you in that I think this particular portrayal needs some work. The way I previously put it was like this:

      Most fanfiction is inherently out-of-character simply by evolving the characters past where they were in the movie; when the character is changed (organically or not), they become OOC. The trick as an author is to make your OOC interpretation make sense. I think the reason many have issue with this particular interpretation is due to three issues: Lack of setup, choice of dialogue, and consistency. Let me explain.

      LACK OF SETUP: Granted, more setup for a comic would mean a boatload of more work, but I've seen many a fan-work use these characters in OOC ways which have been loved and praised! What was often the difference was setup – taking the time to establish the setting and/or characters via backstory or progression. That setup is basically the author saying "look, I know this isn't exactly official, but work with me here". Setup allows the audience to see the characters they love somewhere within the OOC interpretation, connecting to them! One of the main problems with Borba's comic is that we're plopped right into this mess without any point of reference OTHER than the movie. Thus the OOC moments become unacceptable and we no longer recognize the characters. Example: Judy says "I did everything for my career" when, in the movie, she literally gives up her career at one point. We've been given no other reference within the comic itself to believe a different side of her than what was evidenced in the movie.

      CHOICE OF DIALOGUE: I give insane kudos to Borba for having the guts to try to tackle such a controversial topic, and in such an unsatisfactory way. ("Happy sunshine rainbows" can get old.) It is a touchy subject with a lot of gray area. I see that perhaps Borba may have wanted to convey that message, but the dialogue makes it fall flat. If the point was to show how they are both wrong or how messy/complicated this can be, then more time needed to be spent not making each character completely one-sided. Neither of them really appear to have ANY doubts or conflictions regarding their opinions, and both often sound like their lines are taken straight from protestor signs. This takes the focus away from the characters and the reality I think Borba was going for. You can't tackle a gray area when the characters refuse to be gray. The same conclusions could've been arrived at by both characters, but in a weightier way.

      CONSISTENCY: The characters aren't consistent within the comic itself. (Nit-picky example: Judy finds it necessary to roughly wake Nick up, but then waits for him to take a shower?) After telling Nick she's made her decision to abort the baby partly due to her career, she immediately slaps/scratches him for accusing her of killing her baby for her career. She asks to talk before and after the argument, yet essentially tells him there's nothing to talk about. Nick goes on an emotional rollercoaster where he tells Judy "I thought I knew you but I was wrong", yet somehow later goes on a rant explaining what a great mammal she is (hasn't his image of her already been horribly crushed?). Some of this can be explained with the fact that people aren't rational or consistent when emotionally stressed, but… when mixed with the Setup and Dialogue issues, it makes it too difficult to be attached to the characters. It feels all over the place.

      I honestly think there's enough evidence in their characterizations in the movie that you could spin these characters the way Borba has. (Nick being religious, for example, isn't actually a farfetched spin on his character.) As such, I'm sad he's been given flak for the subject material and his chosen result.

    • you should consider politics with word crafting like that Wayward, I think you summed up just about how everyone feels.

  6. My only complaint is how improbable this is. While they were together, it should've come naturally all mention of
    having children. Even saying they would adopt later would've turned this differently. Nick shouldn't be surprised to find she's focused on her career.

  7. Nah! Stay! *grabs arm and pulls back into room* We need people here who like the comic. You balance out us critics! Good for you for speaking up!

  8. Oh yeah this one is controversial; I've counted at least 5 different running debates (slash-arguments) on the media sources I use, and I'm sure that on the actual deviantart and tumblr pages it's even worse. I like Borba for the art style he uses, the characters are well-drawn, and that he's willing to take on darker topics, but I'm throwing in my lot with those who say this could have been a whole lot better if set up and played out more realistically, and I honestly think if the characterization had been on point the conversation would have ended very, very differently for the two of them. Judy's career-oriented, we know that, but her career is based on her drive to make the world, and others in it, better; combine that with what would undoubtedly be a strong familial influence on her having grown up in the household she did there's no way she'd end up throwing out a call like that, let alone shutting Nick down about it without giving his side of the conversation serious consideration.
    Nick I could see more likely being the one who would be uncomfortable with the thought of a child to raise, especially if he was distant from his own parents and didn't believe himself a good role model for it, but being pulled along by Judy's optimism as he has he'd probably be more willing to take the chance just for her alone. Altogether I definitely think other characters would have been better to portray a struggle like this, perhaps with a scene to link them to other Zootopia characters like Nick and Judy but different mammals in their own right because this is so beyond the style of the characters used that it couldn't possibly actually be the rabbit and fox we all know from the movie.

    • This is what I thought. That they have their views switched? Nick would be arguing that it might be a monster and he doesn't want to lose her. And Judy saying how happy she is and everything will work out if they work hard enough

  9. Honestly, I could see Judy and Nick in these portrayals – though I do agree, they are very exaggerated (or at least, certain aspects are). It also seems believable to me, considering how things went in the span of, like, 10 minutes. However, I like to think that, at some point, they would have calmed down enough to not let this happen, but at the same time, I have to applaud Borba for sticking to his guns, and not wussing out with any sort of happy ending.

    I also appreciate one of the messages this comic conveys – that being that if you don't have open communication with your significant other (and that could be applied, to a lesser extent, to any friends or family), it can blow up in your face eventually. For a guy like me, where communication like that does not come naturally at all, this message is most definitely welcome.

  10. Everyone said what I wanted to already. An unbalanced comic about different types of strawmen at different points in the comic, inconsistent characterization, horribly fumbled sociopolitical grandstanding that, oddly, can't decide where it wants to grandstand, soap opera levels of melodramatic cheese and nothing of any redeeming value beyond forced dramatic feelies. It's moving for those who want to be moved by cheap sentimentalism. More power to you. Enjoy it heartily.

  11. Well my first thought is a job well done by the artist. Truly well done. My second thought is that's going to be pretty awkward going into work the next day.

  12. The way I've looked at this is that the whole plot of the comic centering around Judy and Nick's arguments regarding abortion is a means to an end, and not the end itself. I saw from about half-way through that this was not going to end well, and I guessed that the message of the comic was not simply about the rights and wrongs of pro-choice vs pro-life: instead, I knew the idea of the comic was that even the most strong relationship can break irreparably. Do I agree with the way it was framed? Not entirely. It would have suited the story better if we had some background on how they got to this place. On top of that, any number of things could have lead to a break-up of the two. It's not unprecedented, after all: it happens, right there in the second act of the movie. "Real life is messy" as Judy puts it in the film. I'm not sold on the presentation, but it is what it is.

    There are some quite clear OOC elements, but at the end of the day doing ANYTHING beyond the scope of the movie – where Nick and Judy are quite plainly just friends – is OOC, so that doesn't bother me as much as it does others.

    All in all, I commend borba for having the courage to sticking with his intentions even when a lot of hate was flung his way. I love his other comics (which are mostly comedies, for those of you who don't want to read this one but like the art) and having done this, I can't wait to see him return to what he's really good at.

  13. To be honest, I'm very grateful that borba has draw this comic with all of its controversial qualities. Not for the message or the art style, that can be varied depending on personal tastes, I don't care. I want to talk about the impact it has on our fandom in general.

    I remembered he mention somewhere in one of his replies on Deviantart that the reason he was capable of testing out this type of storyline is: he believes in the positive nature of our fandom he has seen so far. Or something like that, I forgot the details. Well, after this whole show, I'm not so sure.

    As a fandom, we Zootopia fans has always been proud of our "acceptance, understanding and peacefulness". Then, borba decide to drop the "I will survive" bomb on us… and a not quite small war occured. It's fasinating to watch, frankly.

    Shit-posting, bashing, name-calling, bullheadness, hateful words, etc., etc. the whole package on every sites this comic was posted.

    Eh??? Suddenly, the peaceful and understanding fandom is not peaceful and understanding anymore. We became the divided crowds exactly like the Pred/Prey situation in the film. For what? A misinformed/misconstructed statement that was not agreeable we see? Or in this general case, a piece of well-intend but slightly poor-executed comic?

    What was the message of the film again? Then look back at the way a large number of us commented on this comic and some nasty things has been and still being thrown at borba. Maybe we haven't learned it well enough, have we?

    Err… At least that was all I got from the whole thing…

    • …Which is why I've actually bothered commenting, to be honest. (Usually I do my very best to not jump into such drama.) I may have written a thorough critique of what I felt were the comic's issues, but I tried to do so with respect. I can still appreciate Borba for his art, pacing, drama, and sheer guts. Despite not personally liking the comic, I actually respect Borba MORE for having made it.

      Thing is, I think the fandom is growing. Which is great! But it also can make it unstable. Previous experience with other fandoms in their early stages has shown that "acceptance, understanding and peacefulness" has tended to weaken with greater size. The greater variety of people and tastes, the greater chance for conflict to occur. That's just natural.

      Other "peaceful" fandoms have quickly grown toxic – a fate I would like to avoid here. (Which is why I've been making an effort to defend Borba, and to encourage those who liked to comic to speak up!) As we progress forward, we all need to make a conscious decision to remember that there is no one correct way to enjoy our fandom. Every fandom will have things you might not like: Angst, tragedy, crossovers, grimdark, erotica, cosplay… Many people would love any number of those, and many would despise them. They're all different ways of expressing the fandom.

      We're all here to have fun. We need to remind ourselves to ACT like it!

    • I think the reason we as a fandom cry OOC when bad thing happen to these two but remain silent when they get together is because we see them grow closer to each other in the film, like when Judy learns that night howlers are flowers she goes to Nick for help despite being a police officer and he forgives her for wronging him, that's why we want to see them fall in love with each other, could you imagine how different thing would be if she went to Bogo for help? It makes us happy to see them flourish and feel it necessary to get defensively aggressive when we have to consider that something this bad could happen to them. I too don't like this comic, but I'm not going to try to make Borba feel bad for making it.

  14. Bummer, though i doubt that movie version of Judy would do this with her "try everything" style of life. And with abortion and everything, i myself could have been aborted, but my mom and her family refused. Still, i think that option should be here, we need more options, not less.

    And if some ppl are triggered by this comic, then you didnt understand the movie at all.

    ps: that delete was a missclick

    • And this is why I say kudos to those who didn't like the comic – yet had the sense to not attack borba for doing it.

  15. Thank you for posting this here. It is always interesting to read comic, that is really different to other ones. I need to say, that i don´t understand this hatred towards this comic. I respect if you say some constructive criticism, that is totally normal, and good also. But it doesn't need to be hated, because it is just different, for no other reason. If you don't like it, then criticist it respectfully and honestly to autor. But not just hate it. For me, when i read it first time, it really drove me in to the story (back then it was only to 16 pages only), but when i read it today, second time, i have to say, that something just wasn't right in the story for me. But i respect borba, and don't hate this comic.

    • This was the end of the comic; unless there was ever actually a sequel planned (which the author does not appear to have prepared) this is it. You can extrapolate the events that follow however you may wish, but the next project the author has been working on is an entirely different storyline.

  16. Well… I'm a fan of zootopian art and there's a lot of good stuff available, including right here. If I was to venture an opinion, as a pro lifer, this is very much an allegory on the way it is in our own world. The scene could have even been shifted around easily enough with Nick not wanting the baby. so I've got to say well done to a fine and talented artist

    • Why not? There was an obvious conflict on a major issue, one sees it as a killing of their child, the other sees it as a medical procedure, such a large conflict of viewpoints can't just go away, especially on a topic such as this. Please, set aside your pro choice beliefs for two seconds and realize that it isn't easy to get over something like this. As a pro lifer, I can tell you it hurts us just as much add it hurts you maybe twice as much because to us, were are losing what could have been a baby. I'm not saying we are right or wing, just that there ARE reasons to leave, and this is a very valid one.

    • No man deserves to be forced into a relationship he won't be happy in. Couples who want different things shouldn't be together. His body. His choice.

  17. It's not bad per say but could've been handled better. Throughout the comic it seemed not to be taking sides but in the end Nick "punishes" Judy by leaving her and it feels like that's where it shifts from being a dramatic & series discussion abt unwanted pregnancy and abortion to leaning more pro-life. Plus Nick was a lil OOC here. I don't think he'd necessarily be that harsh on her. (Also, and this is just personal theory), I believe this was a heat-of-the-moment walk-out and Nick would try to re-connect with Judy sometime after and have further discussion abt it. Mby this personal theory makes it less sad lol.

    • "pro-life"
      Yeah it's really pro-life telling a tiny rabbit woman she has to give birth to a giant fox baby against her will which will potentially kill her

  18. Wow. This is shit.
    The art is pretty good (/pretty/ good), but the writing is absolute shit.
    Not on character. Not natural dialogue. Crappy pacing.
    It's like a fuckin' men's rights activist wrote a comic designed to just demonize women and make men the victims.
    And that's pretty shit.

  19. lol what the actual crap is this?
    Even if you ignore the fact that these are DISNEY characters talking about abortion and how cringe that is…
    Judy's in a potentially life-threatening situation and the comic is all about nick and his feelings and how judy is wrong for being concerned that a pregnancy from a fox might KILL her. Her wants and needs don't matter apparently. She's evil for not wanting a kid? It's "pro-life" but her life doesn't matter?
    He also chides her for being concerned over her career, but that's pretty easy for Nick to do since he will likely NEVER be expected to compromise his career for his kid the way he expects Judy to.
    This comic is basically a man telling a woman what to do with her body and her life even if she might DIE from it, making it all about himself, and expecting us to take the man's side.
    No. Sorry guys, but you don't get to make a medical choice on a woman's behalf just because you had sex with her. Your contribution was 5 minutes of pleasure, hers is 9 months of pain.
    Not surprising this comic was written by a man and mostly sympathized with the feelings of the man and portrayed the woman as being in the wrong for being concerned for her own well-being.
    That's not even taking into account how stupidly out of character they both are. Stop projecting your political views onto cartoon characters.
    Anyway, why do they even need to be a couple in the first place? Can't we just go back to these two being just friends instead of turning it into a stupid romantic drama? Why do they even need to be romantically involved? Why can't two people of the opposite gender just be friends for once?

    • Sorry, but you need to understand that it was never about the woman. It isnt about the woman's right to get rid of the child, it's about the child's right to live. The whole issue is over whether or not the child is alive during abortion, not about the woman's carrying of said child. Nobody WANTS to force a woman to carry a child, it's just the side effect that would come with it. Honestly, as a pro lifer, I wish there was a way to save the child and not force the mother to raise it (which will happen eventually, it's already in the works), but until then, the mother would have to be the one to hold it. Please, just understand this. Im not trying to have a debate over whether it's right or wrong, I'm just trying to tell you how we actually see it. We aren't making it about ourselves, we are making it about the child.

  20. Nick DID have every right to walk out on her,physical abuse is NOT okay from either partner.If she hit him that time she will most likely continue to abuse him.I also believe that the father has every right to see their child born and if the mother hates the baby then the father should be allowed to have sole custody for life and the mother should NEVER be allowed to see or interact with the unloved child.

    • Yeah! And that loving father can carry the baby for months himself, too, and have his genitals ripped open to accommodate birthing! And won't she be jealous when complications lead to him dying of blood-loss! That'll show that ungrateful tart! Oh wait…

    • You see, this is why im always wondering why there are only two sides to this arguement. Humans are supposed to solve problems.(which abortion is a problem as it kills human life, but with some of them it would kill the mother) The problem in this case is letting the baby live while also letting the mother do what she wants. A solution i propose would be researching into artificial wombs or looking for a way to transplant the embryo into another female. But ive never even heard of this being proposed….why is that?

  21. if this was in character for nick i'd be thrilled to see him go because then judy would be able to find a guy who wasn't a self righteous entitled prick who respected her agency

  22. One person finds it, labels the entire fandom as "pro-life conservatives" because of it (then again it seems they think Zootopia's conservative propaganda). Yeah, the message of the movie is going over more than the artist's head, and what's more is the comic is being used to tar the whole fandom. Just like a few savage predators were being used to tar the whole pred population in the film.

    This did not need to be dragged back up. Oh, heck, the subreddit's going to be unbearable again…

    • Ugh.. nothing in comic actuall states which one is right… hell at the end we get to see weeping just as last.. so if anything it shows injustice to her decision… this comic merelly brings the topic up, and shows arguments… but nothibg in the comic specifically JUDGES which one is right… just that arguments can break relationships… in my opinion the reason nick leaves is not the fact that ahe is going to abort itself… is the fact that she decided on her own, and that she impliednthat job matyer for her more than even him. Anortion topoc only brought up those issues… bit is not direct reason for breakup…. and again… nothing on the comic SPECIFICALLY said who is right. The end seems to be specifically made so people see what they want… some see that nick was right… some see that hudy was right and nick is asshole for leaving… I see an argument gettingout of hand and destroing love… it is all..

  23. What a shame. Such artistic talent, and you waste it on propaganda that isn't even well done. Judy's argument is far better than Nick's and yet you have him framing it as a sin hastily at the end. What a surprise though – grown men that keep trying to ruin cartoons that are meant for kids. It never fails.

    • The entire point of this was that both sides had valid arguments to be made, meaning we all can side with one or the other. I sided with Nick when he left, but that doesn't mean it was pro life. Better is subjective.

  24. So… the comic is REALLY well drawn.. thought the entire thibg has some issues. Some chara ter traits seem… off… but i have to say… Nick went From REALLY HAPPY, to GREATLY DISAPOINTED in such short time it makes sense for gim to act slightly weird.
    In my personal opinion here the biggest miatake donebby characters here, was Judy saing that the job means everythibg… It she stuck with the worry about the complications of birth, and potential defects the hybrid might have… maybe with some medical support she could convince Bick to suppoer her decision, they would be able to work it out… but when she said that the carrer means everything to her, Nick in his confused and disappointed state, understood it as "My Job is most important, my carrer matter for me more than you, than your opinions, tmit means more to me than our love". As if she said that their love is unimportant, we say how Nick reacted when she said that "predators are naturally savage" thing in movie… He took it as a blow to the face much worse than the actual slap she gave him… "She betrayed me, again, I do not matter. If I the Job demanded she would have left me anyway… I am nothing but a distraction to her. SHE ACTUALLY THINKS SO LITTLE OF MY FEELINGS!!". It is not as much out of character as some comments seem to imply, he left, just as he left after that press conference… The actual issuse here was not just the fact that she was so Surely decided to abort… it was that she didn't even seem to think about Nick (from his point of view). That remark about keeping it secret beeing better . For him it was like she rubbed it in, that "she made a decision, and she is not changing it, and nothing je says matters". For him it was once AGAIN like the scouts thing… and for Judy it was like her parentz telling her not to be a police officer… both had some issues, both were emotionally affected at that time… and it ended the way it did as a resault… some poor choice of words… some comments implying a wrong thing… and an ideological differences… this is how many relationships end in real life. Sometimes, even after such clash, they might end up together again… but quite often it really is over… thay might request to be moved to digferent shifts and shedules at police, Nick might even request to be moved to to different district. Sadly… this is often how true love ends…. and the comic is not as stupid as people seem to claim in some of the comments. Despite having some issues.

    • THANK YOU. I feel exactly the same way. I think it's unfair that Nick is the only one really being demonized in this whole thing. Judy was not empathizing with his feelings AT ALL. I agree with Nick that it's like why did she even tell him in the first place if she was pretty much just gonna say "sorry! My body, my choice and you don't get a say in this!" It's typical though. People act like women are always the victims and fathers might as well be a piece of furniture.

  25. Nothing like equating womens rights and abortion to racism. I like where shes worried the child might be a freak, which is a clear strike at women who chose abortion because the deformed featus, proven by medicine instead of blind faith, only has a future of pain and misery laid out before it. Theres so much wrong logic and proreligious nonesense it detracts from what is more than decent art.

    This just goes to prove their are #nogoodreligions

  26. Lol what kinda partner would leave the one they love bcs of of an unborn creature? Crazy. Well, hated the story, but Nick is drawn nicely so uh kudos to that….

  27. Would have been better if Nick had eaten Judy for one, also my hot fan theory on this fan comic is that it was a false positive and she wasn't actually preggers it was all for nothing.

  28. this is fucking hilarious… but isnt the point of zootropolis that predators arent bad or whatever. yet fox guys the villain in this??

  29. This actually was pretty good, Nick was really happy with Judy being pregnant with the baby. The author was good to throW in a real-life scenario of one wanting the baby and and the other not wanting a baby and the outcome some scenarios like this has relationships ending very quickly and others ending in different ways. Was there an agenda being said… to me not really, it's just a "what if" scenario. I'm pretty sure the author already knows that he can't make everyone happy. But for me, great story!

  30. The art is good. The rest was…uh…well, no comments.

    Feels just like some propaganda material slapped in a comic. Perhaps would be more enjoyable even with the same idea a center, if the dialogues didn't sound taken from a pamphlet, and more like a genuine story. Like this, it was impossible for me to sympathize with either, and the only emotion i felt was wanting it to end already. The part when Nick suggests would have been better if kept in the dark makes no damn sense.

    Didn't enjoy this. At all. And apparently a lot of you didn't either. But its not an excuse to attack/threaten the artist. All those who do are a shame to the fandom.

  31. I have no particular in-depth knowledge on Zootopia other than the movie, but as someone who's passion is to study politics, I'd like to give my own take. First off, I don't think it is necessarily appropriate for an artist, no less an adult, to be taking content obviously marketed to children and transforming easily accessed material that depicts such content in such a controversial and politically-motivated way. Yes, the original comic is censored as mature content on Deviant Art, but it is still so easy to lie about age, especially when you know that minors are going to be actively searching for Zootopia through multiple platforms. I think it is impressive that the artist would not just consider but actually tackled such a heated topic, especially the way they did. I don't think it was wrong of them too, either, but where has been published immediately worries me.
    And while I can say that my attention was fully-grasped for the entire duration of the comic, it was for the wrong reasons. A) Judy the rabbit is demonized and shamed for wanting to forward her career, when this is already a real life problem that women face around the world, and the shallowness with which this point is considered is sad. Women consistently make less then men in almost every work environment today, and face multiple obstacles to achieving financial stability, more so under the societal pressures to perform the archetypal role of a mother. How is she to care for a child when she cannot forward her career? Instead of focusing on that facet of the debate, the artist quickly changes the problem to her progressive ideals, which was so out of character for Judy. B) Despite being a very obviously secular movie, clearly religious iconography, specifically Mother Mary, be-speckles the comic. It is one thing to stimulate a good conversation, but another to use religion so controversially and nonchalantly. "Premeditated sin"- that is a stark opinion, and one that does not reflect any denomination of Christianity as a whole. The pontiff of the Catholic Church has begun to move towards more open policies of mothers and women who have undergone abortion procedures. Religion has no place in government policy nor in children's content, under circumstances such as these. C) One thing this comic does achieve in a positive realm is bringing the perspective of men into the argument. However, Nick's emotions and statements are so conflated between two extremes that it can be hardly perceived as realistic. For him to just abandon Judy is a point, in and of itself, of the problems surrounding this debate. There is no sympathy or understanding for either side, and instead Nick plays the stock character role of what one might equate to a priest. D) This is not scientifically possible. The premise would have achieved much more success in impact had it been more realistic in all forms of the portrayal- and not amorphous animals.

  32. Wow, not sure why so many pro-life people like this comic. It makes Nick look like a grade-A ass for one thing. Also, if your story could be used as an allegory for an incest relationship then mabye you need to take another look at the plot.

    The only reason this is even getting compliments is because of the art.

    Judy may be sad now but good fucking riddiance. Taking this kid too term would have eather killed her or made her damn kid some freek of science. They would be lucky if the thing could even move. Though, that's why you glossed over that and made it about her job right?

    A shallow atempt at propaganda. The only way to get people on your side is make up elaborate pitty storys that punnish people who don't side with you.

  33. This is where sensationalist drivel like this belongs, in a fantasy cartoon land where nothing makes sense. Only two creatures of the same species can successfully have a child that is able to reproduce.

    Even if these weren't animals, and were human, this would still be nonsense.

    In a movie about a woman following her dreams, the internet has truly dragged her back "where she belongs"(sarcasm)

  34. This is a really good piece of art, that perfectly describe one of the XXI century's problems. This comic in my opinion is NOT a propaganda, and does not support any sides in this conflict – it's a debate between both sides, where we can see all pros and cons.

    Look at the paradox of this topic. Right-wing pro-life people (aka Nick), that base their decisions on logic, facts, statistics, are making a choice that is based fully on feelings, while left-wing pro-body people (aka Judy), that base their decisions on feelings, compassion, are making a choice that is based fully on cold logic. Of course, not every right wing is pro-life and every left wing is pro-body, but a huge majority are on the same page.

    People, stop being blind. Stop thinking that your side is 100{fc17e15ed6c8f701884a899a735d4ed94fc8cfa66fc2f404dd33f42f9afeb7a1} right. Stop generating an aggression to other people just for having different opinions. Right and left, are just different sides of the same coin. Open your mind – listen to others arguments, build a constructive dialog, be ready to change your believes if you'll see that you were wrong. Being wrong isn't bad, your entire life won't dissolve if you will change your view at it.

    Seek the truth. Open your mind. Be human.

    To the author: I don't know if you'll ever read this, but if you do – please, make a continuation or a series out of such topics. (Continuation would be lovely, but oh well, its your choice. :P)

    • the thing is there is no constructive dialog to be had with this topic, you said it yourself "pro-life people… are making a choice that is based fully on feelings" "pro-body?(pro-choice) people… are making a choice that is based fully on cold logic" there you go, there is no argument to listen to when the only argument pro-lifers can bring up is based on feelings, you cant argue against feelings, how are people going to have a constructive dialog when the only side bringing up any good arguments are pro-choicers.

  35. I wish you people would stop using Zootopia to dramatize political and rough topics. Make your own characters if you want to tell a story like this.

    In the end all you did was get turned into a meme and bring attention negatively to the fanbase and franchise. Which could make Disney decide to give up on future projects like a second film. Stop being creepy ass furries. Just fucking leave a good thing alone.

  36. 1)this chain of events happened way too fast. It literally goes "I need to tell you something" "ok" "I'm pregnant" "I love you!" "I don't want it" "I hate you" "No come back" "No bye"
    2)nick and judy are so far out of character it isn't even funny.
    3)since when was nick a pro-life christian? he's preaching about sin, but he was living on the streets conning people before he met judy
    4)also, judy made completely justified, logical arguments, and nick did not
    This comic was so bad it's not even funny

  37. This comic was drama filled sure, but not great. Both sides have thier holes in the argument and with sides have thier moments of being assholish. There was no rights, no compromise, just all wrongs.This comic felt like it was written for the express purpose to pull at heart strings, not actual story telling.

  38. So glad the comic didn't make the woman out to be the bad person and shame her. Oh wait, that's exactly what it did. It took no consideration for the life changes that would happen that she's not ready for. Not to mention, Nick is a selfish, lazy jerk. He would definitely not be helpful if she had the baby. If he walks out that easily on her now, imagine once there is a child to be responsible for. She'd end up yet another single mother due to a deadbeat who is selfish and only thinking of himself.

  39. I loved this. Yeah, a guy's reactions could go either way. A woman's decision to be honest could go either way. This was just one of a myriad ways it could turn out, so it's not 'shit'. It's honest and stark.

    Now, for ME, I think Nick is in the wrong. He isn't thinking about what he's asking of her, what he's asking her to risk. HE takes no risk whatsoever in going forward.. it's ALL on her.
    If he really loves her, he'll finally realize this and go back. If not, she made the right decision, anyway.

  40. This comic was so bad it gave me ptsd flashbacks back to the abortion clinic where i almost didnt make it. This is som pretty hecked up stuff and whoever made it needs seriouse mental help

  41. This is prove that there is no God. This is prove that there is no meaning to life and that once we die we simply fall into a deep dark nothingness.

  42. LMAO omg this has got to be one f the most hilarious and shitty things I have ever seen. If there are people who actually take this seriously and are amazed by it or sad then… Wow… But it gave me a good laugh.

  43. Nick had it hard enough being a fox/predator when little.
    How you think that child is gonna go through life being in their own category?

    Let alone the amount of hate crimes, teasing, segragation.

    As well as Juby and the child being viewed as some science experiment.

    Let alone Nick having to support both Judy and a baby no one in history will know what medical or behaviors issues that might pop up raising the child.

    That's the difference to way Judy's mom had her.

    Nick isn't looking at this child or the over all out come in long term.

  44. Everything I think about this has already been said. But gotta give credit to the author for the artwork, which is pretty fantastic. Good meme material as well.

  45. Go on now, go walk out the door
    Just turn around now
    'Cause you're not welcome anymore
    Weren't you the one who tried to break me with goodbye?
    Did you think I'd crumble?
    Did you think I'd lay down and die?
    Oh no not I, I will survive

  46. Argument invalid, they're different species completely. Would've been a miscarriage or could kill Judy or they would've had a mutant baby, she was in the right. The slap was out of nowhere and absolutely stupid, and just a horrible, manipulative sympathy piece for Nick. Religion is literally nowhere in the film. Style was great. Fuck this artist. He made Nick into an utter asshole who cared more about an unborn mutant baby than his loving wife who was honest enough to communicate this with him.

    • It doesn't matter if you think it was "out of nowhere" and "completely stupid". She hit him. She's not a loving wife. She's abusive. She hits him and tries to excuse it as losing her temper. She hit him hard enough to knock him down and leave scratch marks. No excuses. He was right to leave. She didn't really want to talk- she just wanted to fight.

  47. This was hard to see, Judy was totally out of character and a total asshole… I mean, if it was her "decision" to abort, then Nick had the same righ to "decide" to leave, decisions have consequences, and sometimes they can be terrible… anyways this reminds me another zootopia comic where Judy is pregnant and gives birth to four hybrid babies, it was a lot better than this one

    • Nick was totally out of character and an asshole too. He was a hussler on the streets practically lying to innocent people for money with 0 guilt and suddenly he's religious, scolding Judy about sin. Judy slapped Nick for like no reason besides to manipulate the feelings of the reader and Nick focused on when she mentioned her career even once, y'know, after saying how she and the baby could probably die in childbirth. It's so full of OOC inconsistency

  48. Soooo no one's gonna point how hella Christian Nick is all of a sudden. . . Do these animals have their own Jesus or religious idols??? If so how does that all work with their dynamic?! When they die is there a heaven or hell for specific species??? Cause I'm This needs to established!

    • I mean apparently they do because there's a Bunny Jesus and Bunny Virgin Mary on their endtable.

      Which just opens up another weird can of worms. Is Christianity in the Zootopiaverse a Lapine religion? Are there massive schisms around the species of the savior? Does every species practice their own religion or do even predators worship a Lapine Messiah?

      This comic made me type the phrase Lapine Messiah.

  49. Noone even mentions the fact that this is literally a choice hares & rabbits have to make in the real world? They have the ability to reabsorb thier embryos if they are not in a good place to have babies. If the conditions are not right

    • So leaving your wife because she doesn't want to carry a potential mutant child that will probably kill her and the baby is a missed point? When they can easily adopt? No. There's a message that isn't able to be brought across by using two different species of animals. From a CHILDRENS movie. The context in the story matters because regardless of the message, the projection of it was dreadful. You can make a comic about how rape is bad and make a horrible projection of it.

    • Just essentially, you think it's good to leave someone who cared about you most because of a selfish want for something that will more than likely kill them. "I can't have a baby with you? Then fine, I'm leaving! Adoption doesn't exist."

  50. Ignoring the artistic licence involving the possibility of interspecies impregnation, I don't understand the concern that Judy would somehow give birth to an "abomination" or, that the pregnancy would have a life threatening effect on her own well-being.
    If the pregnancy was never meant to be, wouldn't her body terminate it?

    • Your analogy doesn't make sense, comparing a growing fetus to a malignant growth.
      We just need to end this conversation. The problem lies simply in that we're suspending our belief, trying to apply logic to what is, even within a fictional context, a farfetched feat: a fox successfully impregnating a rabbit.

    • I literally told you to end the conversation, and you still came back with an insult and to delete your comment so I won't further "twist your words". Talk about "dense". But it's fine. Be angry that I highlighted the flaws of your analogy.

      And your analogy isn't parallel. What you didn't take into consideration is that the body may detect that something is very wrong, in one of the earliest stages of pregnancy (it being a "mutant" occurrence), resulting in a miscarriage. This is all before significant harm could occur. The concern I'm arguing against doesn't even take into account all the developmental hurdles a fetus would have to vault before getting to a point where it would become a significant health threat.
      But none of that is ever taken into consideration.
      Instead, everyone simply fears that the baby will grow and grow until death or great damage occurs.

    • I'm not even gonna read your second dense paragraph. it was comparing the body's capabilities to each other during medical flaws. Your actually twisting my words and being a cunt. End of conversation, right? Right.

    • Exactly, the COMPARISON was what I was criticizing. Never did I insult, or try to belittle you; you immediately flew off the handle when you read something you didn't like.
      You're the only cunt.

    • You realize I didn't like anything you've written right? When you twist the meanings of my words to make me look like a dick I'll act like one.

    • I didn't twist anything. You made a comparison, and I argued against it. Trying to make you look "like a dick". That's cute.

      I countered your statement, everything I said pertained only to said statement, and you immediately interpreted that opposition as a full on attack on your character.

      Grow up.
      The only thing that's made you look like a dick is your rudeness.

    • I don't know why I'm arguing against someone who thinks it's okay to draw a comparison between cancer and a failing pregnancy when I didn't do anything of the sort. This is a moral issue for you. That's not my place. I'm not gonna take the abuse of it.

    • Are you serious? That's what YOU did! It's the reason the argument began in the first place. Your analogy made no sense.
      And now you're assuming my standing on the abortion issue…
      All emotional flare without a hint of rationality. That's the order of internet arguments today.
      Good job.

    • Right now, either you're really stupid or have really bad comprehension skills. I wouldn't be surprised if both because now, you can comment on a hot topic and you act like it's such a surprise someone disagrees.

    • I mean, I didn't say that cancer and a bad pregnancy were comparable. You did. I said that the body's inability to cancel either of them were. You again, twisted my words. You made them into something that made you right and me into an ass.

    • "Surprised that someone disagree".
      Actually, the whole purpose of me posting the initial comment was to get a different opinion. For a DEBATE. All I got was an emotional person who immediately resorted to ad hominems when I made my first counter.
      My point was that a pregnancy and cancer even shouldn't have been mentioned together as IF to compare them. It's a different process to "cancel" either of them, and you failed to take that into consideration.
      That is what you did. So I had a reason to assume that's what you were doing.
      Had you given me a reasonable response instead of the emotional stupidity you are now, I would have simply carried on with you until we could have reached a resolution in the debate. If I wanted to make you out to be an "ass" or a "dick" I would have simply done so. But you've already done a good enough job of that yourself.
      Tl;dr? That's okay. At least at the end of the day, I still know how to organize my arguments like a rational debater.
      All you have on the other hand are your emotions.

    • I really don't care if I reinforced your fight against fierce insecurity that you're better than someone on the internet. Doesn't change others opinions on you, which is what you've seemed more focused on in the argument. Bye

    • Projecting yourself onto me?
      Cute. Very cute.

      I came for a debate, and got nothing.

      Also, if you were worried about be being viewed as an ass, you're a tad too late.
      I've read your responses to others here. Slandering the artist because he wrote a bad story?
      Good show.

  51. Well, that was dark as fuck. Damn. I just went through a very tough breakup (not for those same reasons), and that last sentence hit me hard. "Nothing lasts forever. Even an apparently everlasting love that has triumphed over the odds and many challenges may eventually come to an end."

  52. They should've talked before she had the abortion, it's his child too. Also my body my rules? At 6 weeks the child has a heart beat and is recognised by the government as a human being. So it's not your body. If you don't want the child, give birth and give it away to some one who can't have children.

    • THIS,this so much!I've seen women devalue a babys life at that point by calling it a "parasite!" and its disgusting.Once artificial wombs are ready for human use,it should be mandatory for abortion to become a whole new thing where you give away the "Thing" you hate oh so much instead of "terminating" it.

      Also:If you have unprotected sex and get knocked up,don't kill the bloody baby to run from your mistake.Take responsibility.

  53. Nice job! I really enjoyed this comic! It was great to see the situation from Nick's perspective a bit more and really experience is disappointment. I am glad he left. I think this will benefit a lot of males in this situation.

    I'm not terribly fond like how it ended. I am glad that it was kept solemn (abortion is a solemn topic for all) but it would have been better (to me) to see how Nick would face the challenge of finding someone better.

  54. My God this comic sucks and I don't care what a single person says. I dont like it at all and if you argue with me about it then you're trying to argue about a fucking web cartoon and that's stupid

  55. Yeah great way to make women feel like shit for wanting to pursue their own dreams. What do you want for casting unwanted pregnancies in such a shitty light? Hopefully not a medal. You’re giving the image to girls and women everywhere that not wanting to go through the painstaking 19 years it takes to have and raise a CHILD when they’re not ready is such a terrible thing that their loving partners will suddenly turn on them and leave for wanting to pursue their own dreams instead of their significant others’. Whoop-dee-fucking-doo.

  56. Man I wanted to kill myself but since I saw comic I for some reason feel happiness. My dad came back home my mom is safe also my dead Grandma came back to life. Straight A's in my classes. I recommend everyone to read this comic. It saved my life

  57. Ok I don’t care what most everyone is saying about this comic. I actually enjoyed it and I’m curious on what would happen next. Ahh I want a resolution!

  58. Excuse me but may I ask why the fuck did a fox fuck a rabbit? I know that they are friends in the movie and I’m fine with that since it symbolizes people settling their differences to become friends, but making them FUCKING MATE is a too far.

  59. I love how this is anti abortion but it literally has more good points for judys decision and just makes nick look like an asshole who doesn't respect his girlfriend

    • So guys are just supposed to roll over and play nice? Throw their opinions and views out the window to appeal to their significant other? I stand with Nick in this comic because he stood up for himself. I also understand why Judy stood by her own choice, as it was something that she truly believed in. Now, as for what the comic means, I think it was trying to show people what could happen if a wife/girlfriend decides to abort their baby- btw I’m not saying I agree or disagree with the message, just clarifying.

  60. This isn't sad at all. Nick is being completely unreasonable. He has no right to tell her to have that child. He can ask her to put it up for adoption (or he can care for it alone), but he can't make her keep it. She says it herself, that she wouldn't used birth control had she known conception were even possible. She's allowed to make whatever choice she wants provided the laws don't require the father's permission. But let's be real, if he loved her (which he clearly doesn't) he would accept what she's saying or find a way to work through it.

    This just read as a bad relationship finally ending.

    • By that logic the courts and even a mother have no right to make a man pay child support for a child he doesn't want

    • Meanwhile, it's good that he got out of there, because she hits him when she loses her temper. So he doesn't listen or communicate properly, and she uses physical violence. Bad relationship indeed.

  61. Wow – and here I thought the only comment notifications I would get from ZNN (until I commented again on a newer post) would be the occasional spambot on older articles XD

  62. Am I the only one that doesn't think this is prolife? She presents prochoice, he presents prolife, and they both give compelling arguments that cant convince the other due to each others firm beliefs in their personal set of morals. That is the discussion. this comic is about the conversation. the discussion. And that's okay, its okay to mention the discussion, to talk about it, to engage and hear both sides. It doesn't make you a bad person to TALK.

    For the record, I'm prochoice.

  63. Holy crap. Why waste your artistic skill on such propoganda garbage? Oh no, it might kill me to birth a monster! Wait. What about my /feelings/ tho. Wtf is this shit. Awesome art, and fairly decent writing. TERRIBLE content.

  64. Thanks for making this comic!I mean don't think that I love it for it's message and how it broke my heart I mean you'd be out of this world if you thought so, no hate lol. It's a great meme.

  65. I don't know what Borba was actually going for so it's hard to say whether (s)he missed the mark. But I'll proceed as though it's actual commentary about parental abortion rights and differing opinions.
    Having read a lot of comments on this, I agree it could have been done more realistically – it was kind of severe so it read like a Chick Tract in a lot of ways – but I didn't think it was awful. In the end, I think the point being made was that a baby is a baby as soon as someone wants it, so if the father wants it but the mother doesn't, and the law allows her complete control, he can feel a great sense of loss. Judy doesn't see it as a baby yet because she's not far along, but Nick sees it as a baby right away because he wants to be a father. Judy scratches Nick because she wants to terminate a dangerous pregnancy, but he calls her a baby killer.
    A common thought in the comments is that pro-choice people (as represented by Judy) are logical and supported by science while pro-life people (Nick) base everything on emotion or religion, but I don't agree. Here Judy is basing everything on fear; the only science involved was her preg test. The rest is, this baby COULD be a freak, or too big, or hurt her, or make her lose my career. And those are true possibilities, but there is no reasonable basis in acting as though they WILL come to pass. Zootopia is technologically advanced so if the pregnancy actually DID start to threaten Judy's health it could be detected and treated or prevented. But Judy isn't willing to wait and see; she has already decided, and in the absence of evidence (this is the first pred/prey conception ever) she has done so almost entirely out of fear. Nick is actually being the more reasonable one here in that his argument is that she can't know yet what will happen. He leaves her because he sees it as a baby, and his baby. Well, regardless of whether you think it's a baby now, it could become one and it would be his, so he's taking her decision very personally.
    Pretty OOC for Judy though. I only saw the movie once but she seems to have an insurmountable drive, so it seems fear shouldn't influence her so. But maybe she's driven to decide now while it still 'isn't a baby' and it's still her autonomous choice. She does seem to prefer being well in control of her life.

  66. "A little too big for me", meaning the baby can quite literally kill her. Oh, but he wants a baby so much he wants to take that risk. I love how this is written as if Judy's main concern is her career, while her potential death and bringing a suffering deformed child to this world are just some minor inconveniences.

  67. Are people really giving this comic flack for being pro-life? I think this comic is very open to interpretation. Nick and Judy both give very good arguments for their decisions. This is one of those things that I feel is meant to speak to you the way you want it to.

  68. I hope you guys do realize that this topic DOES NOT HAVE A SOLUTION AT ALL! That’s like me making a story that’s my religion is right and what ever you practice and believe is wrong. I felt that this was made just to start arguments and the internet turned it into a Meme on purpose to make the situation light.

    • Because if the child is born, the law tries to rule in the best interest of the child, and that includes access to resources the father can provide. As to why he can't make her get an abortion, that is something it'd be interesting to debate. ~KF

  69. Soooo, first in going to say I am here for the memes and this is utterly retarded. Idc about what 12 year old boy is going to say but first of all, what kind of person would say "my body, my rules" first if all, you should of used protection in the first place. This hobo just f*cked you and you didn't even think about HIV. But as I said, I am here for the memes….

  70. frankly, I kinda can undertand both…I get it that judy is scared, that her child might be some kind of monster….(and propably is going to be) , thou, since in reality it would be impossible for something like that to happen, nick's got a good point too…it's their child, so if judy feels like she doesn't want to have her baby born its completely unnecessary to tell nick in the first place.
    Just get over it and don't say a word.

    I mean: Hey honey, I'm pregnant with our child, but I'm gonna kill it cuz I don't want to have it.
    that's a bitch move and completely unnecessary.

  71. Wow! This was very well drawn and has a great script. This is to realistic it hurts. I'm not even pro-life ( I lean to pro-life more, but I feel if the woman must in because she cannot give them a good life, it is fine. ) but this Wow! It's incredible. It really has a great argument. Nice one!

  72. Hey guys make sure to check out my meme page @crucialemojigene on instagram. Me and my boy have been posting some great content on there and you're going to love it. We're about to post a meme even of this comic. See you guys on there!

  73. I really can't believe how people look at this comic so blandly. Not a slight bit if in depth.
    What Judy did wrong, and what caused her to loose Nick, was that she put a career before a life of an unborn baby, a baby whose father should have a say in this. If Judy said she was afraid that the baby would kill her and leave it at that, Nick probably would have agreed.

    The comic itself was heartbreaking to me.

  74. I really hate how you have to scroll all the way to the bottom to leave a comment. I been seeing panels of this comic everywhere and people using it to in memes. So i finally decided to give it a read and what i must say is, it struck me very hard. Really resonate with the soul. I am a supporter of pro-choice but even i see the meaning in the comic. It's not a choice to be taken lightly and can be devastating on some people but life isn't always gonna be as easy as a Disney cartoon.

  75. Look I'm all up for pro-choice but like if my husband was ever rendered infertile but then I become pregnant out of nowhere with only him being the man that laid with me, I wouldn't care if it was clinically proven to possibly kill me, wound me, be born retarded, or ruin my career as a nurse, I'd have that lil shit.

  76. oh my god these comments are hilarious

    everyone just playing along with this meme as if it's a sound means of conveyance for the topic of abortion. i mean i guess if we're taking this seriously, i'll bite

    all judy did was say she didn't know if there would be pregnancy complications, expressed concern over having their child because it could possibly "be a freak", and then said she valued her job more than her child. she did not humor the idea of going to a professional, and attempting to see if it was even possible to carry the child to term before deciding on abortion

    all nick tried to do was save a life. maybe their relationship with the child would've lasted, maybe it still would've ended, maybe they could reconcile, maybe not. but the completely innocent third-party here, the child, would still have a chance at life regardless.

    your parents should be ashamed of all of you

  77. Wow, people are really overreacting here. Why are you thinking that the artist tried to convey a message? All I see are 2 people with understandable viewpoints. I can fully understand Nick's desire to have the child that develops in Judy's womb against all odds, just as I can understand Judy's fear to give everything up if she has the baby. People who are pro-life will say that Judy is egoistical, people who are pro-choice will say that Nick unfairly punishes Judy. But guess what: That's not the point! Fiction doesn't intend to always portray a fair world. Fiction aims at telling a story. Not more, not less. I think that given their viewpoints, both characters were believable, and that's what makes the story believable, disregarding my own opinion on the subject.

  78. Im with Nick on this argument. If Judy was absolutely certian about not wanting Nick's children, they whould have had the talk long before. As long as there is .01{fc17e15ed6c8f701884a899a735d4ed94fc8cfa66fc2f404dd33f42f9afeb7a1} chance of a child being conceived, you should always treat it as 100{fc17e15ed6c8f701884a899a735d4ed94fc8cfa66fc2f404dd33f42f9afeb7a1} chance. Im glad she told Nick about it, but her reasoning (other than the childs size) is purely selfish. This was not what i expected of Judy's character at all. Also funny enough about her talking about being a symbol for zootopia being one of the main reasons for her deciding to get an abortion, like Nick said, you could just imagine the kind of hope an interspecies/interclass offspring could bring to that world, especially coming from the 2 most widely known heros in that universe. She wasn't thinking rationally, and i hate the argument about "my body, my choice". As for Nick, good on him for not compromising on his morals. If she does go through with the abortion, he could never forgive himself for going along with it , and worse, this one instance would be a giant fissure in their relationship for the rest of their lives even if they decided to stay together.

  79. Let's look at the surface. A rabbit and a fox are so geneticaly different that fertilization would not occur. Also, the use of children's cartoon characters is odd for this topic. Now let's look at the message that the comic is attempting portray. Its obviously showing the tragedy that an accidental pregnancy can bring. So is it saying abortion wrong? Probably, but it's mixed in with a bunch of other things, like partner loyalty and such. If the mother and father are separated, and one wants the baby, they should be allowed to take it, and the other not have to pay child support. If neither want it, abortion is fine, and if both want it, then mother should have the child as an infant, and let the father at least see his child. Once the child is older, a regular alternation of custody should be set in place. If the couple wish to stay together, an agreement has to be made. No penalties should be held against either parents, unless one raped the other, or the father's semen was taken from him.

  80. It would be a heck of alot easier if they were rational. Honestly, whatever thats in her womb isnt a baby yet, and i get that most spiritualidts will disagree with me on that. But fact of the matter is, that little embyro is only as living as the experiences it have had, and it isnt capable of percieving so. In my eyes, you are only alive when you can experience, what you see, what you feel, what you hear.. when a babys heart start beating, and its mind starting, and ot hears the mothers heartbeat.. this is the pinacle where it shows its alivem and at that moment, we cherish it, love it, care for it. But before that, having needless emotions for it will be wasteful and unnessisarily harmful. Also, if i may get a little antsy about a small thing here is that i dont think nicks nature is percieved too well in the comic. The essence of judy's feeæs were spot on, but nick would totally gom "oh fuck.. " and try to be a little avoidant of the whole thing or at least a little laid back, he wouldnt really be a being for starting emotions like this to be honest. But holy shut, this comic is well portrayed and drawn~

  81. A lot of you guys are taking this too seriously. 1- Nick left and because he wanted a family and Judy chose her career over him and a family. 2- it is an anthro based comic interspecies babies can happen in rare sercumstances. 3- it would be worth a chance through Judy possibly getting a csec. But all in all this is fiction and told pretty well so give the author a break I think its heart felt and a little sad in the movie u can tell they started felling more than friends so its not a stretch for the internet to ship nick and Judy's relationship. So all u damn trolls get over ur self. If u don't like it DONT READ IT common sense. Peace

  82. Here's my comment on this topic: I read the description of the comic at the very beginning, I mentally prepared myself for it, I saw it, I read it, and I loved it! Simple as that. Then I started reading the comment section and that's when the palm of my hand hit my face with brute force (yes, I tried to say "I facepalmed myself"). I don't have a clue what's gotten inside the minds of all these "fans" and "know-it-all's", talking about rights and everything, and some even going off topic… I love the emotional impact that this thing has, and I gladly accept the choice that Nick made, because the first thought that came into my head is that in his shoes I would've done something pretty similar, despite my love for Judy. Just imagine yourself a man whose sole dream is to become a loving father devoted to his family, and then that dream gets stepped on like a piece of trash on the street… By the very person you truly love and devoted your life to… Exactly. It's a hard choice to make, but the way the story unfolded in this comic – I honestly felt as if Nick got brutally stabbed in the back and then left to rot on the cold ground. If Judy didn't go so hard on him, he might still consider returning to her, which I hope to see. But with an ending like that, I slightly doubt it…

    Still, awesome comic. It's gonna keep me depressed and thinking for a while… That means it was worth reading it! Congrats to its creator.

  83. My thoughts have actually changed like a week ago. I am pro life now for certain reasons. Yes, you might wanna "save" your baby from poverty, being born into this world, or you might not even want it at all but are still killing an innocent life. Although whether it should be a crime, idk. I know women's rights are at stake but they need to start making better choices if they didn't want to carry that life in them in the first place. -_-

  84. Recently my mind has changed, probably a week ago so I'm pro life now. I know you might want to have an abortions due to reasons like poverty, coming into a world like this or you just want the baby. This might be a risk towards women's rights but they should should start making better choices if they didn't want to. I know there are certain cases like maybe rape or incest(rarely) so I don't know how that can be handled but that's my thoughts now and it can't be changed. I thought before that's since it's the women's body, they should have the right. But people do things to their body that might not always be right.

  85. I dislike this comic because of 4 reasons
    1. Judy would die if she gave birth to his child, yet nick doesn’t care
    2. Nick is petty af and just leaves her for making her own concious choice about her life. HER LIFE
    3. The baby, even though impossible, would likely die within the first month of birth because of genetic inconsitsncies.
    4. The general tone of the comic is overpandering to put people in the position of pro choice, even choosing to make things much more over dramatic than it has to be.

  86. That baby would've turned into a miserable kid living under his mom's and dad's bad relationship in a fucked-up social system, putting him/her into a dangerous level of depression and pushing them to suicide before they turn 18

  87. Think it would’ve been better if Nick stuck around a little longer and tried to rest her fears. Maybe offered to be a stay at home dad so she could continue with her career. Maybe get her to spend some time with the other interspecies couples to show how beautiful their babies were. Also men have as much responsibility to protect their potential children by ensuring they only sleep with females who won’t kill their babies.

  88. I would've like if it were to continue from where it ended, just yo know what would happen to them… Like, Judy changed her mind or Nick does something crazy and goes back to her or anything really… This ending is a cliffhanger for me to be honest.

  89. Ok the work is reeeeeally well, I just don't think this is judy. Judy would have been hyped and happy, not think about her career on top of everything!! Also abortion? What? That's not judy, judy wouldn't make up her mind on this! She would have seek help with nick and meet couples with the same issue! The Judy he portrays here is not the Judy from zootopia, I don't like the story..but I really like the art tho, it's very professional and I give credit for it, but the story just doesn't make any sense.

  90. I thought the art was amazing and the storyline was definitely well fleshed out and gripping. Not going to argue or point out crap, because it’s a STORY. Well done, creator!

  91. Love the art, and while I'm not sure the artist meant for this to be the message, I think it really drives home the idea that one should NOT have sex with anti-abortionists, and one should always always ALWAYS find out one's partner's stand regarding abortion before engaging in any activities that could even possibly result in offspring.

    Also – good for Judy!! her body her rules!!

  92. I like the fact that the person actually put in some realistic problems in the comic. It's good. It's a depressing topic I'll say that but it is good. While all these ignoramuses fail to understand it so b it. But humans are who they are. Argumentative, judgementa but what else can b done. This is good art. And well thought out

  93. It's realistic they played their parts and i like it. Should be a part 2 where they find out it's possible for her to have a safe pregnancy and she has a bunny with a fox tail and gives it to a family who can't have kids. And they stay in its life

  94. I agree with some people. Nic was out of character. He basically asked her to try to carry a mutated baby that might kill her or die unborn. Her life is at risk. Like she said interspecies was rare. That's like asking some one to take a bullet for them and see if you live.

  95. I like how both arguments were presented, though I agree with what some others have said, that perhaps Judy would be the more excited one, here, while Nick would be worried about being a father, but eh. Interesting take on things. Judy has a very valid worry about how this baby could be too much for her body to bear, though, so the arguments aren't on equal footing if we were to compare this to a situation between two humans.

    Also, holy crap all these people saying this is 'pro life propaganda' just because this comic dared to let the pro-life person talk instead of censoring their point of view. Grow up.

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