Story: Families

Ombra Calls

[Crime Drama][Suspense][Rating T13]

Nick, a hit man? Who killed for the notorious Mr. Big? An unlikely premise but one that is given a gripping rendition of what would logically happen if such a past were to be unveiled early into Nick’s budding career as a law-abiding police officer. Will Nick’s past come crashing down around his ears and ruin the bright future and the friends around him? Only two chapters in and there are plenty of surprising twists and questions to be answered. Excellent start from newcomer Kaligos! ~Darkflamewolf

Author: Kaligos

Description :
Nick Wilde formerly a con-mammal and liquidator for the Big’s has given up his old family in turn for a life in blue. The first fox on the ZPD his honesty, bravery and loyalty will be tested when his old family starts to move in on his new one, and he and Judy will be caught right in the middle as a mafia cold war goes hot.


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