Merch Review: Zootopia Suspect Search! (guest review by Kyo Kitsune)

Hello everyone!  Andy Lagopus here to introduce you to another special guest reviewer!  Today we have an article by Kyo Kitsune, who has graciously offered to do a brief review of the Zootopia Board Game, Suspect Search!

This game is a bit of a fusion of Guess Who and the Memory Game that can be found at most stores that sell toys and games.  But is it worth it?

Find out after the break!

Hello everyone, I’m Kyo Kitsune.  Today we will look at Zootopia Suspect Search from Spin Master. It is a board game loosely based on the classic memory matching game.

The game is played with a grid of face down card and tokens. You are trying to match the token and two cards with the images on the suspects.

On the cards and tokens are paw prints, a bag, carrot, nighthowler and pawpcicle. The card also has 3 special ones, one to mix up the cards, two cards to look up two card on your turn, and two wild cards. The token is selected at the start of the game and can be changed out when a suspect is claimed.

The suspects that you are collecting are, Mr. Big, Duke, Gary,  one of the polar bears and one doug’s rams.  I think.  It could also be some sort of gangster goat?

You take turns looking at one card until you know where two cards are that combine with your token that matches the images on the suspects. Then you use your turn to show the cards and take the suspect. The first  player with three suspects win.

All of the pieces of the game came on three cardboard punch outs. The cards, tokens and suspects are all made from very thin cardboard and a have slick texture to them. The box it came with is significantly larger the what is need to store the pieces after they are punched out. As Long as no one gets rough with the pieces it should be fine.      

I can say I really enjoyed the game. It is simple enough to set up in a few minutes and just seconds to reset up after a game. It is very fast to teach and learn the rules. It is even easy to modify the rules to make it more challenging. For a $10 game it is definitely worth a try.  

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