Story: Prepared for the Future

Art: Quirky Fallout Child

[Rating M16][Action][Adventure][Crossover]

Fallout Fans! Hear me, hear me! Fallout 4 players are in for a treat as many locations and quests appear in the story, however Nehkles is able to put his own twist and variety into each one making it an entirely different experience. The characters are all very much in character for the Zootopia world, which adds even more greatness as the reader gets to see how Zootopia characters would react when put in a Fallout setting. Along with excellent writing and dialogue, this story is highly recommended for any Fallout and Zootopia lover, or anyone looking for a great adventure read. ~Namicle

Author: Nehkles

Description :
(Fallout 4 AU) Nick Wilde wants nothing more than to live a peaceful life and raise his son to be a better mammal than he was. What he gets instead is total nuclear annihilation. After being frozen in a Vault for 200 years, and having his son taken from him, he has no idea what to do next. Until he meets a particular bunny.

Prepared for the Future
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  1. IS this going to be one of those fics where you literally just plug new characters into the exact plot of the source material? Like, is this just going to be "Fallout 4, except with Zootopia characters?"

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