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Art of the Day #73: Genderbending!

Nick Judy by @Unichrome-uni Source [1] Rule 63 of the internet: for every fictional character, there exists and opposite-gender counterpart.  No exceptions.  Not even Zootopia. Meet Nicole Wilde, a streetwise, savvy businesswoman, and Jude Hopps, a dedicated rookie cop who’s […]

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Fanfic Updates

Story Updates 2 December 2016

Good Morning Zootopia fans!  Hope you’re all doing fine this wonderful morning.  And I hope that it is a wonderful morning, because I’m actually writing this at 1 am. Well, somebody who’s reading this is probably having a wonderful morning. […]

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Story: State Of Nature

Art by TheWyvernsWeaver [Crossover] [Dark] [Rated T-13] This is an interesting premise to a crossover I sadly don’t seem to understand. But don’t worry, crossover or not, the way this story plays out seems to hold a lot of promise. […]