Oh M Goodness, A meeting with Byron Howard and Jared Bush is up for auction!!

This is my actual face right now, no joke.
Charitybuzz, a site where celebrities auction off various things (such as lunch meetings and autographs) for charity, is auctioning off a meeting with BYRON HOWARD AND JARED BUSH!!!
The meeting will be a 30 minute, private meet-and-greet with the two directors.  The winner may take a photo with them, get something signed, and will get an original character sketch from Byron Howard!  It will be held on a day and at a time that works for the winner, who can also bring a friend if they so desire.  
Or, if they can’t convince any of their friends to go with them, a certain founder of ZNN (who may or may not be the arctic fox pictured above) would be more than willing to fly across the country to join you.  Just throwing that out there.
The auction ends on Thursday, December 15th at 3:25 PM EST.  The minimum starting bid is $1,000.  We will be keeping an eye on the bidding and will let you know how much it ends up going for at the end of the auction.


  1. So if I were to bit $1000 then is it possible that someone could outbid me or am I like locked in for a spot and it's still possible that I could be chosen?

  2. Well, since I'm poor, Latin and I'm ugly, I hope the auctioneer guy or girl can ask questions from me in general to Byron Howard about the Zootopia universe, here they go: 1 -What government controls or oversees Zootopia? 2-What are all the districts that were excluded from the film? 3-Did humanity really exist in the Zootopia universe? And if so, what happened? Was it destroyed by a nuclear war or did something happen? 4-After the nuclear war, was an organization similar to that created with ideals and missions the same as those of the "Institute" of Fallout 4? Was that "Institute" responsible for the creation of Zootopia society, as we know it? 5-Hypothetically speaking, would Zootopia be geographically located in a somewhat different version of the city of Salt City Lake? 6-After the conspiracy of Bellweather and being arrested and relieved of his charge for his crimes, who is the mayor of Zootopia at this time? Will Leodore Lionheart be back or can he be re-elected? 7- How old are Nick Wilde and Finnick? 8-Is Nick's father alive? 9-How many feet would an average human average and compare it with the stature of the different animal species of Zootopia? 10-Who and how were the effects of howling plants discovered? 11- Will they show us the original script? 12-Will birds, reptiles and humans appear in Zootopia ever? -The last question, Byron Howard can imprison a subnormal Latino boy for making a story about Zootopia with crossover of other franchises outside of Disney and that are with humans in it? How many years of sentencing and demand?

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