Comic: Meteor Shower (Original by Noko)

In the big city, light pollution causes the night sky to look bland and uninteresting. So when a meteor shower is scheduled one night, Nick and Judy decide to take full advantage of this rare opportunity. And far from the city, in the open night air, the two open up to each other as well.

Thanks to Noko for making the original comic, and to LMAbacus for translating and editing it!  Check out the original over on Pixiv, and the translated version after the break!  As usual for translated comics, read from right to left!


  1. For God's sake, freakin' KISS! This whole thing was a letdown. What are there so many comics that tease us and end with them hugging like friends?

    • It's probably a cultural thing. Especially in traditional Japanese culture, the promise of staying together is considered to be closer to ideal love than the "true love's kiss" we have in Western culture. I'm generalizing here, obviously, but a lot of old Japanese samurai films reflect this mindset; they don't feel that it is necessary to express the lovers' promise physically beyond maybe a hug. Like in the ending of Pacific Rim the movie where the two main characters hug it out at the end instead of going in for a kiss as you'd expect in a standard American movie.

  2. it was cute fluff, half the fun of wildehopps shipping is the tension and buildup in a lot of cases, remember its 50/50 if them being together will be actual cannon or not… but, i have a feeling, that byron and rich, given things they have said, scenes that were/weren't used in the movie, i think its fair to say there's a good shot wildehopps will become a thing ;3 remember, someone put their time and effort into making this, we need to remember their feelings too ^-^

  3. Definitely a cultural thing. The Japanese love the subtlety of the unsaid and reading between the lines. What isn't being said is often what speaks the clearest. The way Nick is cradling her head, the way he nuzzles her, the way his paw caresses her ear so reverently when they embrace, all these things speak volumes. The way she responds, by confidently stating that her wish is the same as his, without him having to say anything, speaks to how close their bond has become, and of course it's obvious what they wish for; everything about this comic is practically screaming it without saying the words. Having said that, my Western sensibilities still wish to see them kiss 😉

    Very nice piece.

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