Zootopia News and updates: Macklemore, Awards, and Cross-Stitches!

Hello everyone!  Hope you’re all doing well.  We’ve got a lot of news for you, so let’s cut to the chase and get straight to it.

First up, Macklemore confessed on twitter that he’s seen Zootopia and Belly more than any other movies!

Okay I guess my previous sentence was kind of redundant.  But it’s still cool!

As someone who has also seen Zootopia more than any other movie, it’s so awesome to see a major celebrity like this share the same level of interest.   Especially someone like Macklemore.  He’s one of my personal favorite rappers of all time.  I can only hope he joins the fandom actively.

Can’t say I’ve ever seen Belly, though.  Someone let me know if it’s good.

Moving on to the awards circuit, Try Everything has been nominated for a Grammy!  Specifically, it’s been nominated for “Best Song Written for Visual Media”, along with hits such as Can’t Stop the Feeling and Heathens, which admittedly are some pretty tough competition.  You can find out more about that here.

But if that weren’t enough amazing news for one day, Zootopia has been awarded the title of  Best Animated Film of 2016 by the New York Film Critics Circle!  This is impressive considering that the New York Film Critics Circle is an organization that, unlike the Oscars, has a history of awarding this title to studios other than Disney or Pixar.  Not that the Oscars shouldn’t give Zootopia a similar award.  Read more about it here.

And finally, wrapping this all up, I’m sure you were curious about that gif up at the top of this post.  This comes to us from The Zlorf, who spent over 3 months making this phenomenal cross-stitch of Nick and Judy!  Bravo to you, good sir!  If anyone feels that they don’t have any particular skills or talents that they can use to show their love of Zootopia, take this as a lesson that you don’t have to stick to what everyone else is doing.  You can be unique and original simply through the format you express yourself with!

That’s all for now, so as always, remember…

Try Everything!


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