Merch Review – Tomy Toys Talking Nick & Judy.

Hey Surrika here with a new review! This time around I will be taking a look at the Tomy Toys Talking Nick and Judy plushies. I will be reviewing the design of the plushies and also something interesting about the voice-boxes of the plushies with the help of Raph! Check out more after the break!

Well as per tradition we will check out the Nick plushie first, I mean why change the tradition right? Out of the plushies that have been designed for the franchise these are by far the best ones. Tomy Toys really outdid themselves with every single one of their toys for the franchise. But this Nick suffers from the same problem that a lot of the Nick Wilde merch suffers from. That is the fact they looked stoned and so far the only merch of Nick that didn’t suffer from this is the Tomy Toys Limited Edition figure.

The plush has none of the markings such as the darker shade of fur at the tips of the ears, paws and tail. They are all a base colour of orange. The inner lobes of his ears and the bottom of his muzzle is a soft white. As for the clothes, they match his floral pattern green shirt and his blue and red tie. He also has his grey slacks.

Now for his voice box, this is the most interesting part about this series of merch. You see, the voice box says various lines from the movie, such as:
“Ah ha!”
“Hey it’s officer Toot Toot!”
“Pawpsicles! Get yer pawpsicles!”
“Flash is the fastest guy in there, if you want something done quick he’s on it!”
“What do you call a three humped camel?”
“Well, Officer Fluff I am impressed, you outfoxed a fox!”

You’re probably thinking “Wait a minute Surrika that last line wasn’t in the film!” and you would be correct but what you may not know is that, that line was actually cut from the film and was meant to be said after Judy throws the pen over the fence of the Tundra Town Limo Service scene which is how it plays out in the Junior Novelisation of the film which I will also review in the future.

Raph was able to do some research for me on international versions of the talking version of Nick. The international version does not have these lines, just generic wows and grunts rather than voice lines. Possibly because it was cheaper to do this rather than hire more and more voice actors to do lines for each of the toys to match the lines.

Now we move onto the Judy Talking Plush. The Judy plush has a little bit a more attention to detail than the Nick plush. For instance the Judy plush has her black-tipped ears like the actual Judy Hopps! Her clothing, armour and markings are accurate to the film. Due to the way her plush is made she’s a bit less cuddly than Nick due to the material used for her armour.

Like I said the most interesting thing about these plushies are the voice boxes! The odd thing about the Judy Hopps compared to the Nick is whilst Nick has one cut line practically all the lines Judy have are cut lines such as:

“Let’s show them what a bunny from the burrows can do!”
“Ha ha!” – confident laugh
“Officer Judy Hopps reporting for duty!”
“Anyone can be anything!”
“Bunnies from the burrows do not get stepped on, they step up!”
“Every mammal has a heart!”

Every mammal has a heart could be a line she says to Finnick in one of the cut lines because if you remember in my Tomy Toys Talking Ele-Finnick plush is one of his lines is “Small mammal, big heart baby!”. Once again these lines are not in the international versions. After Raph told me about the different lines in his Nick plushie I asked him if he could go to the store and tell me if they say anything different.

Much like Nick the international version of Judy as a bunch of nondescript noises and grunts clearly for the same reason of it being cheaper to produce. So if you want the lines you are going to have to order these plushies from Great Britain or USA. This actually makes me wonder if the international Ele-Finnick plushie has different lines too?

This has been a review of the Tomy Toys Talking Plushies of Nick and Judy respectively. I whole-heartedly recommend these plushies if you want the extra lines that were cut from the movie! Nick is by far the cuddlier out of the two due to the fabric of their outfits.

EDIT!!!: After more research with the help of Raph and some helpful comments down below. Both the British, American  and international toys have the same lines. There is a switch on the toys voice box that flips between the lines and the random grunts and noises. But for some reason the international version is defaulted to the noises.

You can find the plushies on Amazon or your local toy retailer! This is Surrika your friendly neighbourhood Meerkat signing out!


  1. There is a switch on the voiceboxes of the talking plushies that changes them from movie lines to noises and grunts. I'm curious if the international versions are set to the grunts by default and if they still have the voiced option.

    • Now this I didn't know, I assumed that switch was the usual turn off the toy switch. Very interesting find but now I must ask Raph to flip Nicks Switch haha.

  2. Just saw these in Target, bought a Nick one myself because of course i did, however when I listed to the Judy version it REALLY didn't sound like Gennifer Goodwin, it probably was that's not what im saying, but it just seemed really off in comparison to Nick, which for the most part sounded dead on

    • Well Judy was a little different in the original cuts of the film, she was a lot more aggressive and less likely to let stuff get to her. So naturally she would lend herself to a more determined voice rather than the bubbly one we know her for in this film.

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