Story: State Of Nature

Art by TheWyvernsWeaver

[Crossover] [Dark] [Rated T-13]

This is an interesting premise to a crossover I sadly don’t seem to understand. But don’t worry, crossover or not, the way this story plays out seems to hold a lot of promise. I can only hope for it to continue. ~ Other Andy

Author: toider_totes

Description :
The ZPD realizes that in the wake of the Nighthowler crisis, a Pred-Supremacist group has formed, with surprising support. Judy and Nick decide to lead the crusade against this organized crime, but in their investigation they soon realize that something much bigger is controlling th
nings from behind the scenes.

State of Nature

Additional Tags: Joker/Zootopia crossover

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  1. Now, I could say that a truck full of armed mammals are going to die tomorrow and everyone would go on with their lives because its all, part of the plan. But if I say that one teeny tiny rabbit officer is going to get hurt, well then everyone loses their minds!

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