Are Zootopia and Robin Hood in the same universe? Find out with Theory Pop!

Something that keeps coming up time and time again is speculation that Robin Hood and Zootopia occur in the same Disney universe.  We even did an entire art of the day dedicated to the idea, way back in April.

So, how does Zootopia fit into the larger Disney universe?  Is it connected to The Lion King at all?  Or The-Film-Which-Must-Not-Be-Named?  Find out today with Theory Pop, a brand-new Youtube Channel with some seriously good quality work!  Go subscribe to them today!  They definitely deserve it!

Check out the theory for yourself after the break!


  1. vi en un video que Byron Howard Rich Moore los creadores dijeron que robin hood y zootopia se basan en el mismo universo pero que no es oficial ya que disney tiene la ultima palabra de que si ocurre o no pero que para el ocurren asi robin hood es de la edad media y que zootopia sucede muchisimos años despues el mismo lo a dicho en un evento que hubo el mismo lo dijo

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