Art of the Day #70- Pie Everything! (Plus Poll!)

GIDEON GREY by TheNakedLunch
Source [1]

Over the past few months, I’ve grown to really love this fandom.  Y’all are a bit like family to me!

And something my family does every year is, on the day before thanksgiving, we make a ton of pie, invite people over, and have a Pie Party!  It’s always a blast, and we never know exactly what sort of pies people are going to bring, but we typically make about a dozen ourselves.

So, allow me to share this family tradition with all of you in the only way I really can, given how few of you physically live near me.  Enjoy some art of Gideon Grey and his Real Good Baked Stuff!

(This guy definitely knows how to name a company, by the way.  10/10 for honest advertising.)

Also, I just thought of something fun.  Let’s have a one-day poll.  What’s your favorite type of pie?  Answer in the sidebar, or in the comments section below!

Get your pie after the break!

Victorian Zootopia Gideon Grey baker fox by FairytalesArtist
Source [2]

GIDEONS by TheNakedLunch
Source [3]

[fanart] Gideon Grey by 7THeaven
Source [4]

Gideon Grey by ghgbn
Source [5]

Gideon Grey by AotoAka
Source [6]

ACEO #46 – Blueberry-Carrot-Cake by Amalika
Source [7]

Another Gideon Grey by AotoAka
Source [8]

Best Pie in the County by teaselbone
Source [9]

ずーとぴあ by chester
Source [10]


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