Congratulations to Zootopians for 50k Likes!

The Zootopians Facebook group, which joined the ZNN Network back in early september, has hit a major milestone!  They have done what few fan-pages have done, and have acquired over 50,000 likes / fans / followers / whatever facebook is calling it these days!
A little history about them- they actually started up over a year before the movie’s release.  Yeah, back when all we knew about the movie was some vague promotional material, they were working on building up a community around it.  Naturally it exploded when the film actually hit theaters, but it laid part of the groundwork for what would become the thriving fandom we know and love today.
So if you aren’t already following them on Facebook, go give them a like!  Congratulate them!  They’re a fantastic page that will only deliver you more Zootopia goodness, and they deserve all the love you can give them!

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