Art of the Day #71- Clawhauser Love

Benjamin Clawhauser by Slurku
Source [1]

Officer Clawhauser is one of the most adorable cops ever seen on the big screen.  There’s a reason the fandom has taken to calling him a “precious cinnamon roll”.  And he doesn’t get as much love as he deserves.  Seriously you guys!  Precious cinnamon roll!

Get your clawhauser art after the break!

20160310 by ShadeShark
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Clawhauser by riisago
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Chief Bogo by alnoeon
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Lil Clawhauser by Silverfox5213
Source [5]

Splash Mountain by kakeyon
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Selfie with the Bros by Possumtool
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Benjamin Clawhauser by mikmerfiller
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Clawhauser by Bluewolfu
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Zootopia : Have a Donut ! by sheep7465
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Training hard? by TomatoGoatee
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Benjamin Clawhouser by RevUpThoseDryers
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Officer Benjamin Clawhauser with a donut ring by @RwoRomeo
Source [13]

[ZTP] Officer Clawhauser by RakPolaris
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Disney’s ‘Zootopia:’ Benjamin Clawhauser by don234a
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[Unknown Title] by 流華しゃん
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[Unknown Title] by 野良いぬ
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Hauser and Cake by ThankU830309
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[Title Unknown by kami-shi60
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ドーナツもぐもぐ by さくらもち
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[Unknown Title] by ceramicdoe
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[Unknown Title] by possumtool
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ドーナツにハマっちゃう僕♪ by @ズートピア愛ヤバイよ
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56979187_p0 by ねいず
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57047571_p1_master1200 by ヒャク
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