ZNN 2nd Halloween Contest Update

Preview of contest image, by FeverWildeHopps

Hello, Zootopia fans of all ages!  Lucario389 here again to give you some important updates on the Halloween contest that will be happening in October. If you weren’t aware you can check the post here.

A couple weeks ago, I said that there was a coloring section for those who want to be a part of the contest but weren’t exactly skilled enough to draw yet, but do like coloring. Here is a sneak peak of the canvas we will provide; this isn’t the full thing, but it will definitely give you an idea and hopefully get you excited for it.

The rules are actually very simple for this section of the contest: Give us the most creative ghosts possible. That’s right, Nick and Judy are going as super spooky and creative ghosts this year, and it’s up to you to make them stand out! Remember, though, the coloring section still adheres to our submission rules.

Have a good day and “Try Everything!”