Nick Wilde Speed Drawing (by Fanny Malvezin)

Traditional art is seriously cool.  With a pencil and paper, you can create entire worlds, or characters, and make them look like they’re alive and looking right at you.  We have mad respect for people who can do this, and it’s always cool to get a peek “behind the curtain” so to speak to see how they do it.

Artist Fanny Malevzin has given us just such a peek!  They do some seriously impressive work, so be sure to check out their youtube channel and show them some love.

Check out this awesome speed-drawing of Nick Wilde after the break!


  1. Pencil sketching; my default style, for all the details I can manage that color just won't quite do for me yet. I think some of the shaded spots here look a little off, but I love the overall accuracy.

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