You Choose the next ZNN Interview!

Hello there! My name is Lucario389, director of the ZNN interview team. When we started our interviews back in march, we decided who we would interview for the fandom. It was entirely done within ZNN and we voted amongst ourselves who we wanted to interview.

First we interviewed MisterMead, which was a big honor and he was such an awesome guy to work with. We then interviewed Cimar of Turalis/WildeHopps, which was just a fun time for a lot of us. With our third and most recent being Sprinkah who had one of the deepest voices I’ve ever heard and it caught me off guard. I’m sure you all must be wondering who we will be interviewing next.

Well guess what? You get to decide! That’s right! For the first time, the decision is yours! Today and for the next week we will be providing a list of 10 well known members of the Zootopia fandom. All this week until Saturday at midnight eastern time, you get to vote and choose who we will interview!

Click this link to take our survey now!

Edit: Comments have been disabled on this post, because they were getting out of hand.


  1. .Seems a bit long of a wait, doncha think? all the way to saturday is too long, I think. I suggest changing it to thursday or something.

  2. Why is Upplet on this list? I get he has a long fic with an extensive "following" but most of his reviews are from those he persuades (more like badgers with false promises and pleas for one to continue reviewing his story) or from accounts that have reviews that sound EXACTLY like Upplet himself. The above name 'asbadmcflash' is one of Upplet's primary alternate accounts when he reviews himself, boosting his review counter artificially. when he receives a negative review, he actually demands that one removes it and gets insulting if you dont.
    If anyone cared to look, they might notice the similarity in his speech to certain account's reviews and how multiple reviews are left in short spurts every so often (like 3-5 at a time). if this were one person, i would recognize this as coincidence. but these accounts show up in spades like clockwork.
    I wont say anything about the story content or characterization because the interpretation of that is up to the reader… but i wanted this bit known.
    ESPECIALLY since this poll allows multiple votes. If he so cares, Upplet will spam himself in votes and most likely win.

    • That's a pretty big accusation. I don't mean to bash on your opinions, but I have to disagree with what you're claiming here. Upplet is a great author, and a very nice fellow, from what I've both heard and experienced. He's (at least I assume they are male) already a big member of the zootopia fandom, so I don't see any reason why he'd do any of that. I dunno where you're getting your evidence from, but to me it seems like you're either lying, or just plain trying to ruin a friendly user's reputation, niether of which is good. So what if multiple accounts are leaving reviews in similar time frames? It's 99.99{fc17e15ed6c8f701884a899a735d4ed94fc8cfa66fc2f404dd33f42f9afeb7a1} a coincidence I'm sure. You're overthinking it too much, I think. Just calm down and go ask the guy personally, if it bugs you so much.

    • Hi Upplet.
      Just created a new account i see. (says created literally today.)
      You speak exactly like he does.
      Besides, what would talking to him do? In a position such as that, he (you) would obviously only deny such accusations regardless of their validity. I'm not looking for your approval or agreement. I was merely remarking upon things I have seen, asking for others to see it to.
      So please for the sake of all sanity Upplet. Stop

    • I'm not Upplet. I just created this account today because that comment up there needed a reply from a rational individual, rather than a conspiracy theorist. I don't know if the guy creates accounts, and quite frankly, I really don't care. I'm just pointing out that it's very unlikely, and not very incharacter, from my own experiences.

    • I agree with this the lumin person. My brush with this guy starts out pleasant but he turns on you quick if you don't agree with him. He gets antagonistic.

  3. I know only 2 people on this list and considering Ive read more than 700 Zootopia fics thats really odd. I do have to ask why is Upplet on this list? "Well known" because he spams his own story with reviews and follows from multiple fake accounts? He has one fic that contains some screwed up content, not to mention its only still around because he keeps adding poorly constructed "arcs" to it when it should have ended months ago.

    Its really concerning for him to be put on this list since his "noteriety" is what gets hom banned from a lot of the fandom.

    I could list out a dozen different authors that contribute far more to the fandom than Upplet with better stories and content (especially those who create art as well as literature) so Ive written them in.

    • Another comment from an unknown source trying to falsely slander a perfectly honest and refutable author's name? I smell hypocrisy and deception.

    • Do you think that everyone is that stupid upplet? If you gonna create new accounts then at least try to make the personalities different rather a cluster of condescending assholes.

      P.S. 🙂

    • I don't know why you think I'm this guy. I'm not. I literally joined today just because that comment up above was so stupid that it needed a more rational comment. I didn't make this account earlier because I saw no need to. The only reason I'm here right now is because of all this ridiculous commentary. It all sounds like it belongs in a conspiracy theory subreddit. The only reason I'm defending upplet is because I like his writing, and they seem like a nice person. I honestly don't give a shit if they do any of this stuff or not. I'm just pointing out how crazy the accusations sound. No information, no evidence, no intelligence. Just condescending claims of superiority.

    • I see you're supporting my condescending asshole remark. The pattern is all the same, every time someone says something negative about upplet one of his "followers" comes out of the word work to basically insult and berate those people. It's always a "I'm intelligent and everyone else is stupid" remark. Change your tactics up dude it's really pathetic.

    • Neutral observer here:

      1) True- Upplet has been banned from several places of the fandom.
      2) He sent messages in one form or another harassing people.
      3) He did send me a complaint after one review although my exchanges have been cordial.

      It's also not slander if its the truth.
      Berkley – your attitude should change. I'm not even accusing you of being upplet or not but just defending someone and calling what others say – slander isn't good. You should probably be more interested in proof because even idols have flaws.

      And just like you – I decided to post my first comment on ZNN (who knows how long this account has been active though.)

      I didn't know about the fake account thing but given everything I've learned, I'd believe it.

    • Berkley, The reason we make the assumption that you are another of Upplet's many accounts is due to the fact that he uses so many so often. The very first profile to comment on this thread was one of his more well-known ones. It is difficult to weed out those who may be legitimate accounts as they always appear in much the same way.

      Now, as for your claims of "false slander", you would be mistaken. Upplet is only 'well known' because he forces others to read and review his story. There are so many members of multiple sites and channels that have posted images of the author harassing them to read the newest chapters and becoming rather antagonistic when they refuse. We have a veritable treasure trove of screenshots that we all have saved before he attempted to delete them, even going as far as to demand to have entire threads with his comments wiped clean. He is not a "popular" or "big" member of the community unless you count his own views of himself.

      We have no reason to lie, nor do we need to fabricate any of these "accusations" as you so called them. There are entire folders on most of our computers and phones dedicated to these images of 'proof'. Also, his reputation speaks for itself. When someone dares to speak to him in a fashion that is not 100{fc17e15ed6c8f701884a899a735d4ed94fc8cfa66fc2f404dd33f42f9afeb7a1} praise and worship, he attacks them relentlessly. That is not the mark of a 'friendly member' of the fandom. There is nothing honest about him until he breaks from his mask of a persona and shows his true colors. That is when he is honest.
      As for the rest of your argument, no one is attempting to deceive you or anyone else. However your claim of our posts lacking 'intelligence' is an unsubstantiated one since we have pointed out several flaws in your argument while you merely try to shout down our responses with blatant insults of 'stupidity'.

      More and more you are seeming to be one of his accounts that is losing patience with our refusal to worship the digital ground he walks on. If not, then you are a blind follower who seeks to defend his "writing god" against all opposition. Either way it's unhealthy. Good day.

    • I'll just defend upplet on this one point : I haven't praised upplet 100{fc17e15ed6c8f701884a899a735d4ed94fc8cfa66fc2f404dd33f42f9afeb7a1} and I haven't been attacked relentlessly either.

      My critical reviews have resulted in cordial exchanges thus far.

  4. well I unfortunately know who will probably win this, since he has a reputation for making false accounts to help boost his own ratings.

  5. *Gasp!* I'm not included in this list?! Gah! My ego!

    Seriously though I'm surprised the list does not include several well known authors who have been part of the community for a long time with fantastic stories. I'm not familiar with many of these ones who are so I can't judge I suppose?

    However, I am frankly disturbed that Upplet is on here considering how he abuses so many people. I myself was harassed by him non-stop and then after blocking him in one forum he chased me to another and began PMing me there (and yeah I got the pics). Pretty sure his 'popularity' is of his own making. Spamming his own reviews and bullying people to read and post reviews? Hell, I've seen screenshots of people who don't have the time to read his story getting pushed around by him.

    I'm not normally one to badmouth another, but this is just a messed up choice to put him on the list.

  6. I honestly didn't know there was more who were treated like me but it's both comforting and disturbing that it is so. I made a critical review at one point and was approached politely. But when i didn't want to remove my review, Upplet got hostile and called me jealous of his talent and said a few other things i think were meant to shame me. I didn't take screenshots since i was blocked without an opportunity to respond.

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