Story: {Of Clocks and Calendars}

This fic isn't really a linear one – it's more like a big ball of wobbly-wobbly… timey-wimey… stuff.
Image by Jericho Pryce

by Jericho Pryce


{Of Clocks and Calendars} just seems to hit all the right buttons for me – historical drama in one arc, cyberpunk in another, a big whammy for our favourite duo in yet another… Jericho Pryce has crafted a detailed, intricate world around Zootopia, with different characters and plot details, and three maybe-connected parallel storylines that leave you clamouring for more. All in all, this humble reader is eager to see what comes out of this fanfic!



Here are three stories that span 300 years, yet are inextricably bound together:

Many years in the future, Nora, a tech-savvy super cop, meets a headstrong rabbit named Juno whose work as a journalist gets them both wrapped up in an explosive and potentially deadly battle between the mega-corporations that have come to control Zootopia.

In the present, a fox named Nick and a rabbit named Judy work as partners in the Zootopia Police Department to shape the future of the city and combat its corruption from the inside.

In the early days of Zootopia’s transformation into the metropolis it will become, Jay, an amateur historian, meets Nathaniel, a blue-collar worker from the slums with connections to the victim of a terrible and mysterious crime, and the secrets they uncover will echo through time for centuries to come.

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Additional tags: This fic isn’t really a linear one – it’s more like a big ball of wobbly-wobbly… timey-wimey… stuff.