Story: The Long Game

Fox in the Burrowhouse, Bun in the City
Image by Link6432

by Mikey2084


We’ve seen plenty of fics showing the dynamic duo of Nick and Judy getting on well together. This story offers something new, having the fox leave for Bunnyburrow while Judy has her own case in the city. With action, interesting world-building and lots of new characters, it’s a unique fanfic with a solid central premise.



In Zootopia where anyone can be anything some things are still forbidden. Judy is confronted with a choice between suffering the consequences of protecting her family and being with her soulmate, she chooses to protect her family. As Nick tries to find a way for the two of them to be together our heroes find themselves once again protecting the city from a new threat. A Zootopia AU.

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Additional tags: Fox in the Burrowhouse, Bun in the City