Story: No Stone Unturned: Sing Me to Sleep

It's always the outcasts…
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by Omnitrix 12


In a one-shot taken from the world of Omnitrix 12’s Fox Dens and Rabbit Trails, Sing Me to Sleep briefly meditates on the life of the character of the down-on-his-luck Shamus Stampett. Reader beware: it’s not a carefree read due to the measures Stampett has decided to resort to, but fret not, for a familiar character to any fan of Zootopia is just the remedy needed. All in all, the story material is handled quite well by Omnitrix here, creating a heartfelt tale of hope in the face of despair. It’s not vital, by the way, that you read Fox Dens and Rabbit Trails beforehand, but it’ll help.



At the height of the Savage Predator crisis, on a quiet street in Tundra Town, a mammal looks down weary of a world he can’t change and a life he can’t fix. Now, helpless and alone, he must make a terrible choice; one with the highest of stakes and no second chances. Only one mammal can help him make the right decision, and she probably doesn’t even know that he’s alive.

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  1. Fox Dens and Rabbit Trails? Maybe I misspoke. This is part of the No Stone Unturned story line, though I understand your confusion. It is kind of a shared point between the two series, and since Shamus has yet to appear in NSU outside of this but has appeared in FDaRT, I can see the mix-up.
    In any case, it is good to see this on here. I hope it can be of help to someone.

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