Story: The Neverwere Moments 2: Brave

Story: The Neverwere Moments 2: Brave

by 6wingdragon

Following on from Trustworthy, 6wingdragon continues his epic series The Neverwere Moments with Brave, where the characters continue their investigation into the strange goings on at the Tri-Burrow Reunion, even as dark forces move against them in the shadows. Long, deep, rich in lavish worldbuilding and well written inter-character dialogue, this fic slowly and patiently builds up layers of intrigue and mystery, all leading up to a tense conclusion that could make or break all the characters you love (and hate). Able to be shocking, strange, and sensitive in good measure throughout, it’s certainly worth a try.



A lot can happen in a single weekend, the Tri-Burrow Reunion can prove a gathering too drastic to fathom while secrets and lies can prove to be riddles in disguise. Can a rabbit look death in the eye? Can a fox face a long shot against all odds? This is Brave, the next story of Trustworthy, so take heart and dare to be more than you are. Hear the words unspoken, listen to the tales untold; these are the moments that never were.

Brave is available on Archive Of Our Own

Additional tags: Includes Gratuitous Pie Eating