Story: Under the Sons

Collars do exist. But this isn't a fox must suffer story. (At the moment...)
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by usernamesweretaken

[K+][Sci-Fi][Military Drama][Intrigue]

It’s Zistopia, in spaaaaacceeee!!!! Usernamesweretaken takes a familiar premise and uses it to create a unique story a long time in the future in a galaxy as close as you can get. Nick and Judy are spaceship commanders, all with their own crews to look after and their place in the upcoming conflict to figure out, something that will be tricky due to all sorts of conspiracies and strange powers popping up. With a lot of potential for where it may go, this is a fic to definitely keep an eye on.



Short version: Space pirates with superpowers.

Long version: Under the Sons’ is a zistopian Sci-Fi AU in which Judy must face her biases and help the rest of her crew aboard the Navy ship Sunstrike do the same in a galaxy with a tyrannical government, newly appearing superpowers, and a lot of confusion. Previously titled Sons of Sol.

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Additional tags: Collars do exist. But this isn’t a fox must suffer story. (At the moment…)