Comic: Nick and Finnick – Ex-Partners (Original by Nattsumi)

Before we get in, I thought I’d let you know that the comic Three Things has been updated again today, because a line was missing. This should be the final update on that comic; I apolgize for any and all confusion regarding Three Things. Now then, please enjoy this comic below! – Ryo

Another translated comic from Nattsumi! It’s another short one, this time it revolves around Nick and Finnick’s relationship on which I assume takes place sometime after Nick became a cop. Nick’s usual antics combined with Finnick’s aggressiveness makes for some pretty funny dialogues. It takes less than three minutes to finish, so it’s absolutely worth your time to read this one!

You can get the original on Pixiv. Thanks to Ryo for translating and KeyToTruth12 for editing!

Check out the rest of the comic after the break below:


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