[UPDATED] Comic: Three Things (Original by Nene Mitsuharu)

[UPDATE 7/22/18: Minor changes have been made to dialogue. They can be found underneath each image. Also, a bonus page from the original has been translated and added.]

[UPDATE 7/23/18: All changes have been edited in to the images. Thanks, KeyToTruth12!]

[UPDATE 7/31/18: Sorry for so many updates. A line was missing on page 7, and has now been edited in. Sorry if it was confusing, since Nick only explained two of his three reasons!]

Hey, Ryo here, with a heartwarming comic for you guys!

In this sweet and cute comic, our beloved pair of mammals face a tricky problem: marriage. Judy claims to have the perfect solution, but Nick doesn’t seem quite keen on the idea…

Thanks to Nene Mitsuharu for drawing the original comic! You can find it here on Pixiv. Also be sure to check out Nene’s other amazing works on Pixiv, DeviantArt, and their website, 袖の香(Sodenoka). And if you haven’t already, from here you can read Nene’s other comics we’ve featured on ZNN. Translations are by me, Ryo, and thanks to KeyToTruth12 for editing!

Now without further ado, enjoy your comic after the break!

Bonus (from right to left):
Gettin’ married, eh? Shotgun? Got a baby in there? Congrats.
Shut up, you’re being gross and rude. She was just about to bring him in, leave ’em alone.
Judy: Thanks! But we’re not getting married just yet!
Nick: ……..


  1. I hate to criticize, but it lost me about halfway through when it turned all its most promising potential into plot clichés. Objections existing only to be shrugged off, ambiguous technology as a deus ex machina, and the woman who was in no hurry at all to marry two minutes ago suddenly has to marry the guy with no serious discussion to speak of.

  2. What started as an insteresting zootopia themed story, ended like every anime relationship. Not bad, but could be better. Baka…

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