Sunderance, Chapter 18.1 – 18.2 (by Kulkum and TheWyvernsWeaver)

Here we go! It’s time to go over the information Flash gave over to Hopps and Wilde! The plot really deepens from here.

This is the final stretch to our little marathon! In the fourth update of the marathon, Chapter 18: Conspiratio, we finally get to see the information Flash sent over to Nick and Judy to help them with the trial and to find out more about what really happened! We also get a glimpse of the Administrator and her council.

Of course, we all know the geniuses behind the series, TheWyvernsWeaver and Kulkum. If you didn’t know, now you know! (And don’t forget it!)

If you still need to catch up on the series, well, here’s the magical index to keep you up to date!

Read the entire chapter down below right after the break or at TheWyvernsWeaver’s Deviantart!