Sunderance [Chapters 2 and 3.1] (by WyvernsWeaver and Kulkum)

Zootopia.  A brilliant city full of hope and inspiration.
But is it really?
Join us in chapters 2 and 3 of Suderance, the epic comic brought to you by TheWyvern’sWeaver and Kulkum, where we learn more and more about the city and the system in play here.  Will Judy, Defense Attorney of Emmett Otterton, be able to plead her case and get him safely released?  Or will Judge Bellwether shut her down before she gets the opportunity?
Only time will tell.
Read Chapter 2 here, and check out the comics either on deviantart (Chapter 2, Chapter 3.1) or after the break!

Chapter 2: Katabasis
Chapter 3.1: The Paladin 


  1. This has gotten real interesting. I'll add this to the list of fan made comics that I'll be reading over time, right next to "Judy is Dead" and "Zistopia"

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