Sunderance, Chapter 14 (by Kulkum and TheWyvensWeaver)

Sunderance has been building up to this for a while.  It’s time for the first showdown between Nick Wilde and Yurei, The Ghost.

This chapter has it all.  Gorgeous art, thanks to TheWyvernsWeaver.  Compelling dialogue thanks to Kulkum.  Action, drama, and a hint of romance.  What more could you ask from Sunderance?

You can find the accompanying chapter of the fanfic over on Kulkum’s Deviantart, and if you’re just joining us now, then I strongly encourage you to follow these links to the previous parts of the story.

Read on over on TheWyvernsWeaver’s Deviantart, or after the break!

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  1. This is seduction, beautifully rendered and presented with such raw realism that is ENHANCED by their being a fox and a bunny, the pure animal nature making it more impactful.

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