Art of the Day #199: Musical Moments

Try everything by kawacy
Source [1]

“I won’t give up, no I won’t give in
Till I reach the end
And then I’ll start again
No I won’t leave
I wanna try everything
I wanna try even though I could fail.”

“Try Everything” — Gazelle (Shakira)

That song was Zootopia’s one and only musical number. That puts it ahead of Big Hero 6 but way behind Frozen and Moana. Even so, there has been a veritable cornucopia of Zootopia musical artwork posted to the net since the movie’s release. Here, for your consideration are a few choice selections.

Get your art after the break..and be sure to check out the original sources


She doesn’t just sing; she plays.

La Guitarrista by TheWinterBunny
Source [2]

Gazelle, Nick, Judy and Finnick as re-imagined by Ub Iwerks;
(Like many of the early Disney shorts, this one features a musical number.)

Musical Muse by Jackorjohn
Source [3]
Now, let’s move on to a few performances by Nick and Judy.
“And it’s all over now, Baby Blue…”
 Nick on solo acoustic

Nick Wilde Guitarist by Andrej S Kalin
Source [4]

But he’s always better with Judy on backup.
“Down by the water,
Down by the old, main drag.”

Should We Start a Band by Artbirchly
Source [5]

And now, a couple of crossover pics.


Nick as Miguel from Coco
Que nuestra canción no deje de latir 
Solo con tu amor yo puedo existir (recuérdame) 
Que nuestra canción no deje de latir 
Solo con tu amor yo puedo existir (recuérdame)

A Soul of Music by RJgimps
Source [6]

(Yes, Zootopia was a much better film.)

Oh My Gosh Look at Her Butt by Weischede
Source [7]

Okay, Carrots, let’s rock this joint!

Nick and Judy electric jam.  Notice the headstock on each of their guitars.  The song is The Connemara Fox

Let’s Rock by_ziegelzeig
Source [8]

Nick does the duckwalk  (and he can play his guitar just like a ringing a bell.)

Judy B Goode by KendallCollins
Source [9]
Nick can tickle the ivories too

Nick on the Piano by davefluffy
Source [10]

So can Judy

Piano Concerto by ThankU
Source [11]
But as always, they’re better together

Nick and Judy make music together by Jonathantaniuchi
Source [12]
And now a bit of culture (sorry),
Nick and Judy play Vivaldi.

Vivaldi by Richard Haigh
Source [13]

Hey everybody, let’s start a rock band!

Nick and Judy aren’t only ones rocking around here.  Let’s give a big Tundratown welcome to Fru-Fru and the Spirits in the Night

Rodentiarock by Jusu Tengu
Source [14]

Rock Zootopia by 木子翔 by 木子翔
Source [15]
(I dunno if Judy could completely sign off on this one.)

Nanana Blank by IttyBittyKittyTittys
Source [16]

And now a couple of jazz numbers

Let’s Make Music Together by Mike-B-Kittson
Source [17]

Jazzy Night by Ziegelzeig
Source [18]

Of course, if we’re going to do musical moments, there have to be some musical crossovers.


Singin’ in the Rain.
(I don’t know about you, but somehow I just can’t wrap my brain around the idea of Finnick performing Make ‘Em Laugh.).

Singing in the rain by Weischede
Source [19]

Phantom of the Opera

Zootopia  The Phantom of the Opera by Quirky Middle Child
Source [20]

♪ Somewherrrrrre over the rainbow… ♫

Zootopia Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Weischede
Source [21]
♪When you’re a pred
You’re a pred all the way…. ♫

Beastsides Story by RobCat
Source [22]

As with most things, however, reality does not quite live up to the expectation.  This is probably the closest Nick will ever get to actually rocking out on stage.

Furbrush Serenade by marymouse
Source [23]
If you want to know how much they get for not playing, you couldn’t afford it

Ciach6KUYAAuK8y by Nyamo by @Nya_mooon
Source [24]
We close with a reworked version of a Disney Arts promo pic.  
(Sorry, had to do it.)

Finnick Rox3 by MercMarten
Source [25]

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