Story: 10-97

Art by Samur Umlal

[Rating M16][Crime][Action][Suspense][Romance][Complete]

This top-notch work by Samur Umlal puts the pedal to the metal right off the bat, opening with a burglary that seriously injures Judy during her and Nick’s unsuccessful apprehension of the perpetrator. Following the harrowing experience, Nick and his temporary partner Wolford conduct the investigation to find the mammals responsible. What is Nick willing to sacrifice though to ensure justice is served? His morals, his reputation… his own well-being? Doubling as a slick action-thriller and an explorative character study of everyone’s favorite fox, “10-97” is a masterfully executed story that has no shortage of thrills and also features several impressive pieces of art, all done by the author himself, that perfectly illustrate the narrative’s gritty tone. ~DrummerMax64

Author: Samur Umlal

Description :
After everything, Nick Wilde is still a bit of a coward.

After a robbery gone wrong leaves Judy in the hospital, Nick is assigned to Officer Wolford to work the case, and learns that the city’s ills don’t stop at the door to the Z.P.D.

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