Comic: Water Under The Burrows, Chapter 1 (by MisterMead and Writeanon)

I love the comic artists in this fandom.  I also love the fantastic authors and the amazing stories they tell.  But you know what I love most?

When they work together.  Seriously, first we have the team of Kulkum and TheWyvernsWeaver with Sunderance, and now we have another powerhouse duo!  We need more of these!  They’re awesome!

Coming off of the epic Judy is Dead we have Mister Mead, who has joined forces with WriteAnon to bring us the sequel to his phenomenal fanfic Water Under The Bridge!  Water Under The Burrows begins shortly after Nick and Judy officially become a couple at the end of that story, but it’s still accessible to those who are unfamiliar with it. (Though if you haven’t read it yet, I HIGHLY recommend it.)

Today we’re bringing you Chapter 1, and then tomorrow we plan on bringing you Chapter 2.  Why two parts of the same comic two days in a row?  Let’s just say we have something special planned that I know all of you will enjoy…

Check out the comic over on MisterMead’s Tumblr, or read on after the break!


  1. That last panel though…xD
    That has to be the BEST poker or "daf4k" face on judy and nick i've ever seen..(still laughing)

  2. Sooo…from what we know of her parents I was absolutely expecting Stu to blow up or faint. Kind of more entertaining this way though.

  3. I was expecting that Stu won't except that and they have a fight, that's the moment Nick and Judy tell how much they love each other, but… that's fair enough :V

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