Water Under the Burrows, Chapter 6: Breathing Smoke

Gideon Grey- a father.  I’ll be darned!  I envy that kid a little bit, honestly.  He gets to grow up eating Gideon Grey’s Real Good Baked Stuff every day.  That sounds like a little slice of heaven (pun intended).

I have to say, I really, really like Mr Mead’s team-up with WriteAnon for this series.  They do a magnificent job of controlling just how the emotions of a scene rise and fall.  Moments of peace shattered by high tensions.  Tension giving way to peace.  It seems almost rhythmic, like waves on the ocean.  But that also means that, after the moment of peace in the last chapter, it’s almost time for the next high-stakes scene.  Not here, but soon.  Very soon.

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And now you can get Chapter 6: Breathing Smoke over on tumblr, or after the break!


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