Merch Review – Ranger Nick and Casual Finnick

Hey guys!  Surrika here with another review!

This time, it’s a double bill, as I will be reviewing 2 small Zootopia plushies. First, I will be taking a look at the Junior Ranger Scout Nick, followed up by what I call “casual Finnick” due to it being one of the few bits of merchandise you can get without him in his elephant get-up.

But you can hear more about both of them after the break!

Junior Ranger Scout Nicholas P. Wilde reporting for duty!

First up is young Junior Ranger Scout Nick!  Measuring at 6″ tall, this little guy is probably my favorite of all of the small soft toys.  It is the most adorable, and the softest out the ones I have in my collection.  The one thing I love most about this particular softie is the level of detail put into this particular plushie.  They put in little patterns to the pockets and the belt in the uniform- but then we get into the small details that they didn’t have to do at all but I appreciate that they did.

So many tiny details! 

For instance, on his shoulder as you can see they put the pack troop number he was put into! Now you would think that the badge on his hat would be obvious, but there would be so many lazy production designers who would skip over that because it would be cheaper to just give him a green hat with nothing on it! So this is why I love this little guy so much. He is literally exploding in tons of tiny little details.
Unfortunately these details are also his downfall- namely the emblem on his hat. Now I have to go into story time to explain why. Obviously being from jolly ole Britain land I saw the British version of Zootopia which was known as Zootropolis. I adored it (obviously) but I immediately grew curious about the differences in the american version so imported a DVD/Blu-ray from Target so I could enjoy it as it was originally intended. 
Now when it got to the Junior Ranger Scout scene something immediately caught my eye. The badge on Nicks hat! Immediately my brain was like “Hang on, was that in Zootropolis?” So immediately I paused it and started watching Zootropolis, and discovered that the badge was indeed on his hat, but without the font, so it didn’t stand out as much as it did in Zootopia!
As such I only managed to get this because someone sold it on e-bay. This soft toy doesn’t even exist in Britain and I only got it from an American e-bay user who was kind enough to grab and bunch of them and ship them world wide. I am not sure if these are available in Europe but as far as I am aware these are exclusive only to America because of the “Zootopia” located on his badge.  It’s a shame really.

My favourite tiny toughie.
Next up is probably my next favourite of the small plushies, for one reason and one reason only. It’s one of the few pieces of merch you can own of Finnick that doesn’t involve him being in his elephant costume. It’s a shame it doesn’t come with a baseball bat though, that would of made it perfect. Anyway there isn’t a whole lot to say about this little guy other than it’s really well made and I am glad that there is merch of Finnick in just his casual attire.
I do like the fact his casual shirt is very close to a Fred Perry design, even down to the logo just being wheat instead of a wreath.  I wonder if that’s what they were parodying when they made that shirt for him. Also, without a doubt, this plushie has the biggest ears imaginable.  
Here’s the tricky thing with this plushie though. I don’t know the official name for the plushie as it was bought from a store called “Clintons” who have some deals with Disney in the UK for certain exclusivity to sell merch.  He was stuck in a box with other Zootopia themed plushies I had seen elsewhere but I could only find him in that particular store.
Since then, though, I have seen him crop up in other toy retailers, but he is still quite tricky to find. I wish you luck in finding them!
You can find Junior Ranger Scout Nick on the Official Disney store website here 
You can find the Finnick Plushie here on Amazon
This has been a review from your friendly neighborhood meerkat, Surrika! See you next time!


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